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  1. How to START

    Hi Guys,
    I have bought a Plot in Keelkatalai, chennai, Tamil Nadu and was registered in the month of September, 2007. When we went for the getting approval for building the house.

    the plan approver told us that this plot comes under the PROJET of TNHB (Tamil Nadu Housing board). When we asked the seller he told that TNHB plan was long back and not now. The plan approver told us to get the NOC from the TNHB.

    Now, where to start.

    1. Why our registration department and the other departments(TNHB, Highways, Etc, ETc ) are not linked. If some areas are coming under the other departments, Y they are registering????

    2. How to get the inform from the TNHB whether in our area there is a Project proposal, or dropped and other details?

    3. How to know, Which department or PIO it belongs to? (it must not happen that i give the application to 1 PIO and he is not responsible for that)

    4. How and whr to get the full RTI ACT?

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Hello jagan,
    For your queires 1,2 & 3 kindly use Big Helpers to ask for the same.
    For the query 4, kindly find the complete RTI Act here Right to Information Act 2005

    You can also download the complete RTI Act from our sister site RTI India: The Complete info regarding Right to Information of India - home download section.

    Closing this thread.

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    I think this issue can be resolved with RTI. Opening this thread.

  4. Re: How to START

    I am also facing the same proplem. So I want to find the correct way to get the NOC
    from the TNHB

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    C J Karira
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    Re: How to START

    1. For permissions, NOC and other information that you need from the TNHB, please see:

    Details of PIO are given on page 19 of that pdf document.

    Also have a look at the TNHB website in detail if it already has the information that you need:

    Tamil Nadu Housing Board

    2. Re your query about why the Registration Dept. is registering these plots, you can address your RTI Application to the respective PIO (as per the location where plot was registered) as per list given at:


    3. Your RTI Applications should be as per the Tamil Nadu Rules for RTI.
    These are also available at the link given in item 2 above or at:

    Right to Information Act, Tamil Nadu

    Right to Information Act, Tamil Nadu

    As you yourself state the problem is "linkages" between different departments within the State. As per Sec 4 of the RTI Act, Governments have to computerize all records and establish these linkages. But it is very slow.
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