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    I submitted my tatkaal application for passport on 17.12.2007

    The status is "Your Police Report has not been received."

    The Police station says they havent received any request or such about my application.

    Its been almost 10 days, and I need passport by Jan.20.2008

    What do I do now? I'm a minor(17). Also, does anyone know how police does verification? I mean the passport office sends the Personal Particulars Form to WHOM? as, I wrote this in my address form

    Current address is my real address. Is there any way I can expect the passport within next 10 or 15 days?

    The main concern I'm worried of is I'm not sure it'll arrive the P.S. if they send it directly to P.S.
    Do they send the request to SP or some other official of the city?

    Please advise. I need your help at earliest.

    Thank you

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    Re: Passport Help


    First, you need to get it in writing form the Police Station that they have not recd. the request from the RPO for Police Verification.
    Once you have that, you can file a RTI application with the RPO.

    However, I notice that your application is under Tatkal and this whole process will take lots of time.

    I suggest , that you visit the RPO where you submitted the application and try to meet the RPO or the PRO in that office. In case nothing comes out of those meetings, please ask a simple question at the end of the meeting :

    "Please inform me who is the PIO, under the RTI Act 2005, in this office and in whose name should I make the Bankers Cheque for the application Fee for application for information under Section 6(1)"

    If they do not have a "board" carrying this information displayed in the RPO, please also ask them where is the board ?

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    Can you confirm that the Police Station receives the request and not the SP or any other higher offical or so?

    Also, I submitted the application at RPO, Bhopal, and I'm at Gwalior. So, should I need to visit the bhopal office or gwalior?
    I don't wish to visit Bhopal as I've already traveled 3 times, wasting everytime 2 days and Rs. 1000. The passport has already costed me 5500/- I'm expecting that I need to spend at least 2.5k-3.5k more visiting offices and getting this and that.

    The application has been submitted on last Monday, thus its 4+2=6 business days. Weekends excluded, CHristmas excluded.

    So, should I wait few more days?

    I ready on a website through google, that Bhopal is 2nd in case of delays in issuing fresh passports(89% or 86%).

    And do you know I was preparing documents since October, but fk, India-Pak match and all that sh** took away my 2 months. I guess I've a bad luck. I even can't register for IELTS atm as that requires passport number, t least for us, Indians.

  4. Re: Passport Help

    Also, if anyone has submitted a passport application, how do you write your present address with residing since and polica station on Personal particulars form?



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