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Thread: RTI in ministry of defence

  1. RTI in ministry of defence

    i went to GPO pune to submitt a RTI applicationn in the ministry of defence. But they show me thier online regisrtation list of no of ministries / offices in central gov. but their is not included this ministry.
    they replied that you can apply it but not though RTI channel of post so i applied thorugh register post.
    WHY this?

  2. RTI in ministry of defence

    pune gpo post not accepting rti for defence ministray.
    they show me broucther containg list of ministries & offices application to whonm only accepted by post
    refer the web which contains application to whom should be accepted by post
    it is not containing any defence ministrail adress, they justifies me with this info.
    so i have to spend extra 25 Rs along with 10Rs RTi ffes?
    any opinion ?

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    Re: RTI in ministry of defence


    This could be another subject matter for a RTI application to the Ministry of Defence.

    As per the Dept. of Post website:

    While its role in its implementation in the Department stems directly from the provisions of the Act, the latter role, and perhaps the more demanding one, arises out of a decision taken by the Prime Minister of India that the Department of Posts should provide its services to the whole of Central Government as a collection point for request for information under the Act by designating its CAPIOs as CAPIOs for the entire Central Government


    You can refer to the above "decision" of the PM and ask the Ministry of Defence, as to why they have still not submitted their details to the Dept. of Post for inclusion in the manual.

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    Re: RTI in ministry of defence

    Strictly speaking, if the Post Office does not receive any RTI application pertaining to other Offices, there is no violation of RTI Act. I dont think there is violation of any Govt orders even. PMO directive may be oral!?

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    Re: RTI in ministry of defence

    So what is the final word...can i or can i not send a RTI from a post office?

  6. Re: RTI in ministry of defence

    Somehow I have a feeling that you have misunderstood the above conversation. Can you tell me what you have understood from this thread so that I can clarify your doubt?

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    Re: RTI in ministry of defence

    Nothing actually....

    I just want to know if i can send a RTI application from a post office to the ministry of defence......

    I sent a RTI from the post office to the ITO and it worked pretty well

    I am going to the post office tomorrow and i was wondering if i could ask for the war records of 1962 indo china war from the Ministry of defence

    Tried searching for the CPIO ....through the web portal...could not find it and hence my question here

  8. Re: RTI in ministry of defence

    If your idea of sending RTI application through post office is sending your RTI application by registered or speed post then there is nothing that prevents you from doing that. Preferably it should be sent by speed post so that you can check the delivery status on the india post website.

    Apart from the normal posting there is one more provision exclusively for departments of Central Government. You can send your application through any of the several designated post offices (mostly GPOs). You just have to submit your application in the post office as if you were filing an RTI application on the post office. Pay the application fee of Rs 10 in cash to the post office and obtain receipt (it's called UCR) for the same. The post office will transfer your application free of cost to the concerned department.

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