It’s been over two months and the PGI, Chandigarh, has not responded to the appeal filed by a local resident K Garg under the Right To Information act (RTI). Garg had sought information about the repair work undertaken at the liquid oxygen tank at the Advanced Paediatric Centre (APC) on the institute premises.

As per Garg, he had applied for the information under the RTI Act on September 7, 2007, and was sent a reply as late as November 5, that too incomplete. After receiving the resonse from the PGI, he filed for an appeal which has not been entertained so far.

“I had filed for appeal on November 6 after receiving an unsatisfactory reply from the PGI, 50 days after filing an application, whereas the reply should have come in 30 days. Two months have passed now and the appeal has not been fixed yet, whereas as per provisions of RTI, the appellate authority has to decide the appeal within one month,” he said.

In his application addressed to Prof Vinay Sakhuja, Head of Department, Nephrology, and Appellant Authority, PGI, Garg has sought information regarding details of allotting tenders for the repair work at the liquid oxygen tank.

He also asked why the period of tender was extended, asked for a copy of the bid, and also questioned why the cost of repairs was accelerated without fresh floating of tenders. Garg had also sought the account statement of the contractor and complete copies of the bills.

Posted online: Friday , January 04, 2008
Express news service