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Thread: How To Harass An Information Seeker ?

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    Re: How To Harass An Information Seeker ?

    just write big complaint stating all facts to m/s Modi Narendra , & Sonia gandhi & PMO & sic & the cooperative minister

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    Re: How To Harass An Information Seeker ?

    we must build pressure on PIO's and CPIO's by submitting many many applications on same subject from all over the India . they cannot avoid all applicants.

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    Good suggestion. Would you like to submit one application on the subject , suggested by me within a short period ? I do agree to help you after going through your suggested application.

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    Re: How To Harass An Information Seeker ?

    it is true, even with the rti act on the average un connected persons side, it is still ridiculously hard to get information which is deemed public knowledge, if the disclosure of such info would cause inconvenience to anyone with influence

    it is a pity, in countries such as the us where similar laws are present... its much much easier. less red tape.

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    Re: How To Harass An Information Seeker ?

    The same situation prevails in the Office of the Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Delhi . If you go to Room 34, so called "RTI Cell" , the first question the staff asks is to which PIO it should be marked . Then you look at him in bewilderment . Then he asks you to go and meet one .... ........( but never found on his seat - late comer or on leave , and if found, starts cursing RTI Act ) .

    In one of my 2nd Appeals preferred to one of the ICs at the CIC, I pointed this out and requested that the concerned PA be directed to nominate one Central PIO who will accept all the applications, in terms of relevant DoPT notifications . But he paid no heed .


    You people are thinking way ahead and jumping the gun.
    Problems start at the stage of submitting the application itself.

    As part of the Campaign for Disclosure under Section 4 (
    I went to a PA today to submit 2 RTI Applications. The PA's office is a total of 15 rooms but surprisingly it has 5 CPIO's ! Each CPIO directed me to the other saying it his not his area and I was finally guided to the office of The Secretary. He claimed that since he could not decide to which CPIO did the "subject matter" pertain, he could not accept the application. Finally I had to tell him, OK, do not accept the application but first sign on the copy and state that you will not accept the RTI application and also reminded him that my cellphone had a camera and a voice recorder so that I could have evidence of this.

    Total time spent 1 Hr 45 Min to submit a application....all for the PA to disclose under Section 4.....something it has to disclose by law.
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    Re: How To Harass An Information Seeker ?

    Things are even worse. I recently interacted with an RTI activist in Pune. He told me he recently received a response to an RTI application that neither had the name of the authority or the name of the signatory. It didn't even provided the details of the First Appellate Authority, but simply rejected the request for information, saying it did not fall under the Act.....Go figure, but it will take some serious and concerted action by the CIC to bring all these folks in line!
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