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Thread: Expert opinion

  1. Re: Expert opinion

    Nothing is late till you keep trying

    I am bit surprised on hearing the above fact

    Well it seems now that its a judicial matter

    So things are bit different

    But in the mean while you can always file an additional case if you feel so harassed by the bank to HRC

    In fact you can always allege anyone and be a petitioner and legally be on no-defensive side, provided its a human harassment and you have concrete reason and testimonial for it. This can be a separate case off course and would have link with your Financial Case wherein the Petitioner was the Bank.

  2. Re: Expert opinion

    Draft complaint to national human rights commission, delhi is ready. v r awaiting reply of bank to our compromise proposal. Thanks for your kind support.

  3. Re: Expert opinion

    Dear jps,

    I wish your endeavour all the success at the earliest possible time.
    Defeat is not final when you fall down. It is final when you refuse to get up.

  4. Re: Expert opinion

    I think, we will have to ultimately approach CIC Delhi to get important information/papers from the bank. Bank will try its best to deny legitimate information also. Is any RTI activist based in Delhi prepared to represent my friend's case at cic, if need be? My friend has no money to travel to delhi with me. Please convey willingness through this site. I am thankful to the members for the help and specially Shri Karira and Shri Abhinav 'bhau.' [brother in Marathi]

  5. Re: Expert opinion

    karira ji,

    thank you very much for your quotes of decisions of CIC.\


  6. Re: Expert opinion

    Dear Bhau JPs50

    Mee paan tumhala thanks kartoo

    Mala paan marathi bolta yete

    Mazhi schooling Banes School Nashik madhe jhaleli aahe

    Chala Bhaguya

    Tumcha ch


  7. Re: Expert opinion

    I m happy that with first appeal bank has partially complied with our request and papers are awaited on payment of photocopy charges. We have already moved RBI, NHRC, DRT [bank's court]. Tks 4 support.
    It takes each of us to make difference for all of us.

  8. Re: Expert opinion

    Thats a great reply

    And the best thing your efforts have proved is that

    When going gets tuff the tuff gets going

    Keep going because

    Doing Does it (by-Abhinav)
    Abhinav Bohare
    ....No is Nothing; Knowz Everything

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