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    Quote Originally Posted by karira View Post

    There are two famous decisions of the CIC concerning Section 7(1)...Life and Liberty clause:

    Another decision you can view is:

    These will give you some idea as to when the particular clause can be applied.
    sir unable to access the order ,
    you are requested to kindly look


    take CARE

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    C J Karira
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    Re: Expert opinion

    Quote Originally Posted by hari om View Post
    sir unable to access the order ,
    you are requested to kindly look

    CIC has recently moved all the orders from CIC to another website: Home: Central Information Commission (CIC) Online

    That is why the links given above, which are links on the CIC website (now defunct) are not opening.

    For accessing those decisions, please read this tutorial:
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    Re: Expert opinion

    If the decisions are found on CIC, it becomes difficult to download. Hence use option of "Save as Google Document" You can download them later by longing to google documents. (You have to have a google A/c)
    In above links: Decision_19042006.pdf indicated this decision was given on 19th April 2006. You may have to search this from year wise record and then save the document.
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    Hello Karira sir,

    You are doing a great job and dedicated work for RTI Act and RTI Activists. If I appreciate you, Kushal, ganpathi and others millions of times, it will be less only. You people are real warriers to keep Honestey in the country.

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    Re: Expert opinion

    Below are three supreme court citations on Right to Shelter that forms the crux of Art 21 - Right to Life and Liberty. You can find them in

    1. The procedure for depriving a person of his life or liberty must be reasonable, fair and just, vide Olga Tellis v. Bombay Municipal Corporation, AIR 1986 SC 180.

    a) This is when BMC threw the slum dwellers out absent reasonable basis.
    What is reasonable, fair and Just: - 1) Notice 2) opportunity to be heard 3) Orderly course of Procedure and 4 ) impartial trial.

    Police barging and throwing people out is wrong.

    2. The right to shelter, vide Sontistar Builder v. Narayan Khimalal Totame, (1990) 1 SCC 520 : (AIR 1990 SC 630).

    a) This is purely a civil matter but Art 21 violation.

    3. The right against unauthorised intrusion into the home, vide Kharak Singh v. State, (1964) 1 SCR 332 : (AIR 1963 SC 1295).

    a) Police barging and throwing people out, because the Bank bribed or something.

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