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  1. Expert opinion

    My friend and his family have been thrown out of his flat for an overdue of Rs12000/-since last 6 months by officers of a nationalised bank. He recently approached me, as the bank was not giving any papers and his papers of loan are locked by bank . I have helped him and his wife file 3 rti applications in Jan 08 first week. Reply is awaited. I desire to have expert opinion of our learned members on the applications as it is question of life and death of my friend and family, who are on road today. For the sake of secrecy, I am not putting them on website. Senior members may pl sms their name and email ID to me on 09924106490. I will email 3 applications to them. Thanks

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    C J Karira
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    There are two famous decisions of the CIC concerning Section 7(1)...Life and Liberty clause:

    Another decision you can view is:

    These will give you some idea as to when the particular clause can be applied.

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    Thank U Very Much Shri Karira

  4. Re: Expert opinion

    Immediate Solution

    Once again very well done Karira

    I would also suggest you to take suggestions from expert advocate and also file an application with the local police about the incidence

    Because Police is very seriously looking into Recoveries methods being done by any Bank

    Supreme courts orders would also help you in this regard

    BUt once again I would suggest being from a Law and Order dept that you shud file a preventive application in Police

    This link would help you understand what I meant

    The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Banks and their recovery agents

    Nothing is more genuine than LAW if legally used or misused

    Good luck

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    Local Court Has Treated It As A Civil Matter! Police And Dsp, District Collector Have Not Taken Any Action. My Friend Wants To File Rti Applications With Dist Collector And Dsp, Once Bank's Problem Is Sorted Out With Managing Director Of Bank, Rbi Etc. At Present He Is On Road. After Filing 3 Rti Applications In First Week Of Jan 08, Asking Nearly 66 Questions And Papers, Bank Has Now Sent Message For Amicable Compromise.thank U All Very Much For Helping Family Of 4 [two Small Kids] In Destitute.

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    We shall be filing 4th rti application arising out of sale notice received three days back and two first appeals on 14-01-2008 to FAA as 48 hours have already passed. There is delay of nearly a week and my friend and family is sinking.

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    As mentioned by your good self "Thrown Out" I have my doubts that how it can be treated as Civil Matter...

    Why dont you tell the police of Manhandling from the Bank employees, if its there,

    As I have already hinted you Use of Law in the legal way is more imp

    So carry on the RTI but along with do approach the Police and the HUman right commission as your friends condition is so bad and sinking

    We have seen many such cases and Police and HRC is of really help

    Take care

  8. Re: Expert opinion

    The only way out is to challenge the judgement of local court for treating the matter as civil. However, he has no money to go to ahmedabad and one of the advocates of high court asked for Rs.50000/- in advance. The legal aid scheme allotted a lawyer, but he said as my friend does not have papers nothing can be done. Thus bank officers have closed all doors by depriving him of every thing and denying all papers after throwing them out. Supreme Court and recently Allahabad High Court have passed strong strictures for arm twisting methods for recovery. RBI has in Nov 07 issued circulars to all banks, but banks do not care for it. Now only way left appears to be moving high court and then supreme court, for which information is being collected through RTI. Hope it would not be too late.
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