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Thread: Transmission and Distribution Losses

  1. Re: Transmission and Distribution Losses

    The Options more confined and it seems that if I want to answer it in a simple or neutral way , I dont have any option such as

    No, But I would Like to

    No, But good luck to one who does

    Hope the mentor can understand my feelings because I want to exercise Voting

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    C J Karira
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    Fatwa issued against power theft

    As reported in on 30 March 2008:
    Fatwa issued against power theft -

    Fatwa issued against power theft

    <small>NEW DELHI: Terming the practice of power theft as an act prohibited by their religion, Islamic body Darul Uloom Deoband has issued a Fatwa directing Muslims to refrain from any illegal use of electricity.

    "Islam does not allow theft and hence even the use of illegal connection of electricity comes under ambit prohibited acts as mentioned in Islam," the Fatwa said.

    "There is no difference between the illegal use of electricity and deriving benefit through any other illegal means like non payment of bills," it said.

    The Fatwa came following a request by a person, who sought formal direction on the issue of illegal use of electricity.

    Reasoning that Islam did not allow theft in any form, the applicant had demanded to know if using illegal power connections to cook food during Ramazan was permitted under the religion.

    A data given by Central Electricity Tribunal under the RTI Act shows that 17553.496 units of electricity were stolen during the year 2004-05. The electricity board has incurred heavy loses. Total losses calculated at the cost of Rs two per unit amounted to 35,000 crore.

    Hailing the religious body's initiative, energy specialist Mohinder Gulati said illegal use of electricity could be restricted to a great extent if religious and social organisations worked to motivate people.

    "Illegal use of electricity which costs losses of revenue worth Rs 25,000 crore per year has become equal to one-and-half per cent of the GDP."

    According to a Government estimate, 42 per cent of the total electricity supplied is stolen. India tops the list of countries facing the problem of power theft.

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    Re: Transmission and Distribution Losses

    It will be better if you ask especially for theft as the term T&D loss in theoritical term includes technical losses only while theft is a part of commercial loss which is covered unde AT&C losses.The distribution licensee may mislead you by giving this combined loss information and attribtue this high loss to technical loss. In fact the theft is alarmingly high every where in India and the licensee is not able to tell the exact loss on account of theft alone.

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