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Thread: Panchayat Raj, the silent revolution

  1. Panchayat Raj, the silent revolution

    Dear All,

    Happy Pongal, Happy Harvest of Fruits, Nuts and Grains and happy New Year to all!

    I am a civil engineer, now working on PURA of Dr abdul Kalam's dream concept as an NGO. This has given me new understanding of rural development, as I learn day by day.

    We have created a community college by a gramsaba meeting, I am also a honorary principal of this college, a 12th standard passed young woman of two girl children is the Principal of this college, giving focus on women and children development and actiona based constructive programs. It is also a sathygragha of modern times.

    Now, my question is whether the community college formed by the gramsaba is a government organization or not, how shall the college be treated, should it apply for recognition to offer its informal courses, whether it can give its own certifications, what is the legal status of this college. The community college would cater to children right from 3 1.2 of age to elders of even 90 years old and above, to their specific learning, training and education needs

    with warm regards,


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    Dear PURU,

    Education is a subject of State as well as Center, now state govt are bearing more responsibility on this but basically on formal education structure. As an NGO you can start providing education as if mentioned in your memorandum nothing illegal in it . Your NGO can also give any certificate on completion of the course like NIIT and many other regd socites under 1860 act ..but whether formal or informal (like IGNOU or open schooling ) for recognitions you have to apply to different board and university and for higher education to UGC. Then again you have to follow there course and students qualification , examination criteria , fee structure criteria etc etc..


  3. Re: Panchayat Raj, the silent revolution

    I have evolved a concept of "Seamless Government" that is Central - State - Panchayat Governments acting as if there is no gap between them in planning and implementing welfare activities, so to say including education. In fcat, Tamilnadu Government has given direction that Panchayats can create Community Colleges. As Panchayats have started exploring only recently the possibilities are enormous. We have planned to give both formal and informal course, perhaps the formal courses would be in line with or under the guidance of Tamilnadu Open University. Ours is one or the only Community College instituted by a Village Panchayat, we will have to see how we make progress. Thnk you for your valuable comments.


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