RTI focused: Right to Education
Area: RamanathapuraM

I As an Individual entity had filed RTI 2005.

Step: 1
My Ist application was Filed on 31.10.07, addressed to the Chief Educational Officer, Ramanathapuram, TN and replied received on 29.11.07 as per the asked query from the a pertaining PIO/CEO directly, within the time given in the law.

The details of the application I had sent carried the below mentioned information
Respected Madam/Sir,

Sub: Voluntary declaration under Sec 4(1) (b) of the Right to Information Act 2005

Please provide the section 4(1)(b) declaration under the RTI Act 2005.

  • What is the Actual Fees to be charged in Government Aided schools from class 6th to 12th std in Ramanathapuram district?
  • Are there any criteria for collecting the fees among the students?
  • Is there any area/place variation in which the schools are allowed to collect extra fees from the students?
  • If allowed, List the name of the schools & area that are allowed to collect extra fees?
Step 2:
IInd application was filed on 24.12.07, addressed to the Head Master, St. Joseph’s College, Ramanathapuram, TN – This school is funded/ sponsored by the government of Tamil Nadu But privately managed schools {by Missionaries} and replied received on 10.1.08 within the time period given in the law…. BUT got reply from the “Legal Advisor” of the Institution/School. Without any information/ reply to the application.

The details asked in this application were…..
Sub: Voluntary declaration under Sec 4(1) (b)/ 6 (1) of the Right to Information Act 2005

Please provide the section 4(1)(b)/6(1) declaration under the RTI Act 2005.

  • What is the actual amount of Fees {monthly or annual} collected by the school management from 2001 to 2007 for students studying from standard 6th – 10th?
  • What is the amount charged by the school for the PTA -Parents Teachers Association from 2001 till 2007 and is there any norm for collecting?
  • If the management is recorded all the collected/charged amount of fees in its book of accounts, I would like to have a copy of them from 2001 - 2007?
  • Is there any other charges collected by the school management, apart from the regular school fees or PTA fees from 2001 to 2007? If any… mention with the amount charged?
Step 3: Wanted to get few clarifications for further proceedings…
  • Can a Legal Advisor reply to the RTI on behalf of a particular Public Authority {organization/ Institution}.
  • In the letter the Legal Advisor has specifically quoted that the application is wrongly addressed as well this institution is not covered under the RTI act….
  • In the reply from the PA,{sent by the Legal Advisor on behalf of the Institution} had used Demeaning/Dehumanizing and Demotivating language – as per my assumption I clearly see that there is an strategy used for me to withdraw this application from further proceedings…
    • How do I take up this unlawful words used in the RTI by the Legal Advisor as well how do I Pass on the information that RTI is a common man’s law to the Advocate?
    • What is the clause for me to fill against this para that did hit my Humaniness?
  • Hence forth – How should I proceed with this application?
Looking forward for your kind reply at the earliest…

Darvin Pragash