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Thread: Suggestions for RTI Act 2005

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    C J Karira
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    Suggestions for RTI Act 2005

    From a Yahoo Group:


    Dear all,
    This is to inform all that the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Public Grievances, Personnel, Law & Justice - Dr E M S Natchiappan has invited suggestions from the public for making the Right to Information Act, 2005 more effective by framing better policies or amendment of the Act if needed.

    You may put forth their suggestions at the following address before 22.1.2008 :--

    Dr E M S Natchiappan,
    Chairman of Parliamentary Committee for Public Grievances, Personnel, and Law & Justice,
    C/o Shri K P Singh,
    Joint Director,
    Rajya Sabha Secretariat,
    212-A, Second Floor,
    Parliament House Annexe,
    New Delhi - 110001
    Ph - (011) Two Three Zero One Six Seven Eight Four
    E-mail :-- kpsingh at sansad dot nic dot in

  2. Re: Suggestions for RTI Act 2005

    This is a very good opening. All our members who have their ideas on various suggestions to make the RTI Act more effective, should utilise this golden opportunity and send their suggestions at the earliest.
    Defeat is not final when you fall down. It is final when you refuse to get up.

  3. Re: Suggestions for RTI Act 2005

    I would like to suggest at least one proposal for inclusion :

    SPIOs/CPIOs should at least follow the direction/request etc of the SIC/CIC of respective state. I had experience of not receiving any response from SPIO even after 2nd appeal, subsequent reminders to both the SPIO & SIC. SIC directed to provide comments/views of SPIO within 15 days- but the concerned SPIO did not bother at all . The result is SPIO did not response even after two months of receiving specific direction from the SIC, W.Bengal. What the SIC is doing, I don't know. The SIC does not provide online status of appeals/complaints etc and even after some dozen times telephonic discussions could not achieve anything fruitful development.
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    C J Karira
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    Re: Suggestions for RTI Act 2005

    colnrkurup has had many suggestions for the improvement of RTI Act. He can use this effectively.

    From previous experience with Parliamentary Standing Committees, I would like to suggest that everyone making suggestions should make a very strong case by doing it in the following format:

    a) What is the current position
    b) What is your suggestion with respect to changing the current position
    c) Argue out the reasons as to why your suggestion will be better than the current position
    d) Give ample citations from CIC/SIC decisions or newspaper reports or any other incident you are aware of, to buttress and strengthen your arguments in item c) above.
    e) Always make it sound that the general public (read junta) of the country will benefit if your suggestion is taken into account and if possible implemented
    f) If you feel very strongly about any of your suggestions, request others to give the same suggestion. Please do not just "copy/paste" in every email....change somethings and make it look "different"

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    Thumbs up Re: Suggestions for RTI Act 2005

    I feel in any department, PIO and the AA are in the same building,the reply is not given or it is not as per the requisition of complenants because they are in the close touch with each other and hand in glows.
    I have an experience of office of the PIO, the deputy registrar k-west ward in Mumbai, Bandra. The PIO's office is in the Mhada building on the ground floor, room No.69(A) and the office of the AA, The district Deputy Registrar of co-op. housing societies(3) is in the next room No.69. The officers as well as the staff members always save each others skin and instead providing information recommend the reply to out come of the RTI information as both the offices are full of maladministration.
    Awaiting corruption free India for new generation, we can not make miracles as have to remove from the roots which will no doubt take time.
    With hopes.

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    Re: Suggestions for RTI Act 2005

    Mr Paawan,you have posted twice the same post,please wait for some time after clicking submit.

    If you read starting Post 1 ,the suggestions invited were supposed to be given by 22-01-2008.

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    Re: Suggestions for RTI Act 2005

    Dear Mr. Sharma,
    Thank you very much for your suggestion. Since I have joined only in the month of June 2008, I replied the thread without noticing the date before which one had to participat.
    With warm regards

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    Re: Suggestions for RTI Act 2005

    i have recently received a mail from, contents of which are as under:

    1. Have you faced any problems while using RTI?

    2. What sort of problems have you faced?

    3. Accordingly, what changes would you suggest in which specific clause? (The RTI Act is available at Right to Information Act - 2005 | | )

    4. In what ways is RTI being mis-used? What problems is such mis-use causing?

    5. If you have not used RTI to resolve your problem, why not?

    Parliament is inviting suggestions on the implementation of the RTI ACT 2005. So do send your suggestions to with a cc to to us at for wider dissemination and discussion.


    Vinay -- helping you find the right information
    I am not sure if this is a new post, or continuation of the above matter. i have mailed them for clarification, and will update if i get a reply. meanwhile, if anyone is aware of any new request in line with above, kindly inform

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