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Thread: Telephone details from BSNL

  1. Telephone details from BSNL

    Is it possible to ask the outgoing calls of a telephone details from BSNL ??

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    Re: Telephone details from BSNL

    No, If the telephone belongs to a third party.
    The Third Party has to concur.

    Otherwise invoke the Public Interest clause.


  3. Re: Telephone details from BSNL

    As Sid has mentioned it has to belong to SELF

    Once it is in the name of SELF, NO RTI is required, its your right to get all the details from the BSNL, and an amount of Rs 100/- is sometimes charged by the BSNL

    On the contrary if its pertaining to some one else Only some Security Dept are authorized to get the information only after written instructiosn from the Home Secy (State) through the SP of the Dist or sometimes the Local Security Chiefs of Intelligence agencies

    Further suppose it pertaining to harassment caused to you like some miss calls , mischiefs call , thn you would file an FIR and Appplication to BSNL with an FIR and thn the Poilce would get the details for investigation wherein you would be for general support

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    Re: Telephone details from BSNL

    Helo Abhinav,

    There's an interesting corollary to above.

    If the telephone belongs a Public Authority and used for Public Service then Is it possible to seek that information through RTI?

    What's your take on it?


  5. Re: Telephone details from BSNL

    In That Case The Authority , On Whoes Name The Public Phone Is Registd, If Its In Some Govt Office, He Will Have To Ask For The Details With A Return Application To The Bsnl.

    This Would Be For The Purpose Of Checking The Phone Details And Can Be Asked For Under The Financial Or Billing Section

    But If Its About Some Investigation One Has To Go Through The Fir + Bsnl Combination

    And If Its About Some Security Enqury Thn The State Home Secy Would Have To Write A Letter Or Tabbing Etc

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    Re: Telephone details from BSNL

    Thanx Abhinav.

    Actually I am curious to know whether a citizen can access the call details of a public phone used by a Public Authority directly from the BSNL/MTNL or not?

    Can we ask it for sake of misuse of public money/corruption etc. etc. with the clause larger public interest.

    Has anyone done it before?


  7. Re: Telephone details from BSNL

    In Fact One Cant Ask For The Details Until Unless The Legal Or Judicial Need Arises And Govt Authority Is In Between

    Yes There Have Been Cases Where Public Phone Details Have Be Sorted Out By Dist And High Courts And Police And Other Investigating Agencies As Well

  8. Re: Telephone details from BSNL


    Here would like to quote interesting issues.

    As mentioned by few of you, one can get telephone call outgoing details without invoking RTI act 2005. BSNL Nagpur stopped issuing STD call details to rural subscribers circa 2003. Everytime i asked them details, they promised me to furnish the same. Even PGM promised to furnish outgoing details.

    Since this was related to Hingna Rural Exchange and illegal telephone connections were issued by BSNL Nagpur, later they refused to provide call details. Matter went to consumer court where BSNL officials were paraded and faced the strict warnings from court. BSNL Area Manager was fined with Rs. 6500 and it was ordered that STD outgoing call details should be provided to consumer. This order is still in force. But to protect corruption in BSNL and large scale manipulations in Hingna Exchange, BSNL is shying away from providing the details.

    I have also reported to vigilance officer about illegal connections and illegal calls directly originating from Hingna exchange. Vigilance means corruption in BSNL. Later CBI arrested JTO of Hingna for accepting bribes. Similarly illegal telephone exchange racket was found by Nagpur Police in BSNL Nagpur.
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