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Thread: Just the tip of the ice berg

  1. Just the tip of the ice berg

    The Chennai edition of The New Indian Express (Jan.14,2008) has come out with some startling estimates on the corruption in the police force. Express says it has compiled a list of the top five corrupt police stations in Chennai. The following is the lead story by K Praveen Kumar in the front page of today's edition. Looks like four more will follow in the days to come.

    It pays to be a policeman at Mambalam

    The Mambalam Police Station (R 1), which earlier stood second to the Flower Bazaar Station when it came to earning extra perks, has now become the most preferred work place among police personnel - courtesy, the mushrooming of gambling centres in and around T Nagar.

    The daily earnings, right from the constable grade, come from the bribe from owners of illegal clubs and extortion from street vendors. Besides, big retailers shell out money to ensure adequate regulations outside their establishments.

    Informed sources say that each gambling centre hands over 10 per cent of its daily collections to the station. There are at least five gambling centres in and around Tanikachalam Road alone.

    The platform vendors, numbering over 2,000, are the soft targets. "We have to give bribe everyday - Rs 10 to the police station and Rs 10 to the ruling party men - apart from other freebies," Kumaravel (name changed), told Express.

    "The T Nagar Platform Vendors' Association has more than 500 members. But over 1,000 other vendors have not registered with us. From the association, we are not paying the policemen anything," P Sivaraman, the association president, told Express. However, he did not deny that policemen collected bribe from platform vendors daily.

    Constables rue the dishonesty that has now crept in. "Earlier, we used to share whatever amount we got. The Inspector would take 40 per cent. Now, whatever the Inspector gets, he keeps it to himself," a constable said.

    The interesting part of this story is how the calculations work out, as revealed by its author.

    Corruption in uniform-I

    Rs 20,000 That's what the policemen collect daily from the 2,000 platform vendors .

    Rs 2 lakh That's approximately what the cops take home everyday from the 15,236 commercial units in T Nagar. Each pays anywhere between Rs 10 and Rs 50.

    10 % That's what illegal gambling units pay from their profits each month. It runs into lakhs.

    54 That's the number of policemen at the Mambalam station - Two Inspectors, six SIs, 46 other staff.

    Full report at : It pays to be a policeman at Mambalam -

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    Horrifyingh, good work by indian express.

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    This should be the work of a dedicated reporter . But in many news papers there are plenty of pages carrying news regarding cinema stars , tv 'stars'- their all type of activities and also same with too much of cricket related 'gossips' etc. But they don't bother or pay a little attention towards this type of immoral activities. In case there are a hue and cry and a strong mass movement they are simply avoiding these news. But for a responsible news correspondence it should have been done. Media has a great role to raise this issue, and this will be helpful for creating consciousness among the readers.
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    Here is the follow up action on the above, reported in today's Chennai Edition of The New Indian Express, with reference to this report. This speaks volumes about the power of a bold reporter and a responsible media.

    The New Indian Express, Chennai Edition

    The intelligence wing of the state police has submitted a report on the illegal gambling centres in T Nagar and Pondy Bazaar. Express, on Monday had exposed the support rendered by policemen to these centres in T Nagar.

    In its report, the intelligence wing identified 14 gambling centres in T Nagar and Pondy Bazaar.

    "T Nagar has five illegal gambling centres in and around Thanikachalam Road. We have also identified nine such centres in Pondy Bazaar. We have proof that these clubs have been paying a monthly lumpsum to Mambalam and Pondy Bazaar police stations. So, a detailed report has been prepared and forwarded to the higher-ups," a police source told Express. It has recommended action against the gambling centres. "We expect a crackdown on these centres soon.

    Corruption in Mambalam police station will be enquired into and reported to higher authorities. We will monitor other places also to get a track of such gambling centres in the city'', an officer said.

    The intelligence wing only enquire into corruption in police stations as per direction. "We do not do it regularly. We act upon the information regarding the corrupt officials on direction from higher-ups.

    Recently, an Inspector attached to Mambalam police station was transferred following our report. There were severe allegations against him and upon investigation we found out that the Inspector had asked each of the textiles in T Nagar to deliver 100 dhotis for his brother's wedding," an officer said.

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    This is part II of the report filed by K Praveen Kumar titled Corruption in Uniform that has appeared in the front page of Chennai Edition of the New Indian Express(15.01.2008)

    Bribe for posting to Flower Bazaar is worth its weight in gold

    The Flower Bazaar police station may have lost its numerouno position in terms of generating illegal money, but inspectors still pay up to Rs 4 lakh to get posted here.

    With several jewellers dotting the NSC Bose Road, commercial sexworkers soliciting at the Broadway bus terminus, and hundreds of hawkers on the streets without a licence, the investment is worth it for the corrupt policeman.

    C-1 police station, as it is known in police jargon, lies in the heart of Chennai’s oldest commercial hub, Broadway. For long, it was the destination of choice for many policemen.

    A senior officer contends that it is the money from the diamond merchants and jewellers, especially the small ones who deal in stolen items, that makes the station the second most corrupt one in Chennai.

    According to inside sources, diamond merchants and jewellers pay Rs 5,000-10,000 a month. There are more than 200 diamond merchants and jewellers within the jurisdiction of the station.

    Then there are over 1,000 hawkers who shell out “Rs 45 daily — Rs 15 each to the three constables on different shifts”, explains Loganathan, a roadside vendor.

    Prostitutes, unlicensed eateries and lodges account for the rest of the pie. “There is no fixed rate. It depends on seasons. If we have more customers they demand more,” Kathiresan (name changed), a lodge owner in Flower Bazar, said.

    “They do not come to us for money,” Karpagam, secretary of Rattan Bazaar Platform Vendors Association, told this website's newspaper. However, she said that the police did take money from unlicensed vendors.

    Despite the corruption at C1 station being legendary, hardly any vigilance cases have been registered. “An inspector of Flower Bazaar station was charged by the Directorate of Vigilance five years ago,” a police officer said.

    “There is not a single police station in Chennai where you can get justice without paying money. We get several such complaints,” said Rathina Sabapathy, general secretary of Fifth Pillar, an NGO fighting corruption among public servants.

    Bribe for posting to Flower Bazaar is worth its weight in gold -
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    Re: Just the tip of the ice berg

    For police and jail officers corruption in the NCR region, interested members can read an article by Mrinal Pande at:

    Land of Mahabharat battles greed, revenge - livemint


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