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Thread: Income tax refund

  1. Income tax refund

    I have disbributed 100 photocopied 10 page guide on RTI in Gujarati. My friend's son was not getting Income Tax refund of nearly Rs.15000/- since last 4 years. Bribe was being asked. He read my guide and filled in form and went to CPIO, who called concerned staff and showed him the application waiting to be filed. The concerned person requested my friend's son to come next day and collect refunds and do not insist on filing RTI application. My friend's son went next day and got all the refund orders!!!!!!.

  2. Re: Income tax refund

    Thank You for sharing information. Would you also like to share the booklet with us. And if you can convert it into english/Hindi it would become more useful to members at large. We would be happy to host such information at our other portal

  3. Re: Income tax refund

    I have prepared 14 page write-up in English also updated upto Oct 2007 and emailed to nearly 50 persons known to me who are not conversant with Gujarati. Pl sms email id so that I can email the write-up, which can be hosted on You may kindly visit my blog on this site, as i have loaded proforma and detailed guidelines for filing rti application, first and second appeal, with draft of questions when things are pending with govt. Thanks for the interest in my write-up

  4. Re: Income tax refund

    my mobile No. is 09924106490. Last 3-4 days I am trying to add blog containing few Supreme Court judgements on right to know, but it is not getting loaded. pl help me. tks
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  5. Re: Income tax refund

    Hello every body,

    Te Assessing Officer, (Income Tax Officer, Assistant / Deputy Commissioner of Income tax is issuing the refund.

    There are to different way for issuing the refunds. One is issued through ITD, a softwre, where 60 cities are connected with main server. in this cities the refunds only be generated through software. De to PAN acquisition, invalid PAN, or technical mistakes (on both the part ) the refunds can not be generated.

    other is TMS (other than 60 cities ), here the problems of refund issuance is less.

    In the department no body wants to with hold the refunds of any one. In the department all the refunds are tackled with serial numbers of return received.

    The bribe, some one is talking , may it be at departmental level (rare at officer level), the middle man demands the assessee called "fees" including "bribe", which creates the real problems.

    in some extreme cases, there may be malafied intention, but not in all the cases.

    Te assessing officer is responsible for the refund, it happens in the department that due to false refund (forgery) of the assessee, the officers were charge sheeted. So, they hesistate to issue the old refunds, Only genuine person prefer to go to RTI, the officers' worry reduced to that extent.

  6. Re: Income tax refund

    Kindly send us the information either through the contact us form available at the bottom of the page
    or you can directly write to us at admin [at]

    Thank You very much for the detailed insight into the process of refund. I am sure with your information a balanced view points can be generated and we would re-direct to members asking for Income tax refund query to your post.

  7. Re: Income tax refund

    Dear kushal

    Thanks for appreciate my views.

    I would like to throw more light on it. Please inform the members (at appropriate stage).

    Before going for the RTI,

    Check that you written correct PAN, and MICR code in your return of income.

    Try to meet the Assesing Officer, Not the middle man or desk clerk or peon. Tell him (AO) that you did not received the refund for such and such periods. Keep following details ready for each assessment year (for which you want to get refunds)

    1. AY, 2. PAN number, 3, Copy of ackowledgement slip of return of income filed. 5, Correct micr Code of your bank account.

    And more important, copy of your (All) bank account for the AY for which you want the refund (RO). [This is because AO can verified that the refund is not really not issued to you earlier. For winning the trust of AO].

    90 % grievances will be solved here. The rest will not solved due to lack of information available with the AO, or some technical reason. that Demand in earlier years may be outstanding, or could not be co-related in computer system. like wise. I can not deny the arrogant behavior of the ao. It may happened due to natural behavior or AO might be in pressure of other work.

    NEXt you ma write to next higher Officer,Additional / joint commissioner of the AO, OR Commissioner of the AO.

    Here the chances the receipt of the RO as well as communication in this matter one will receive increases.

    [Please give complete details in the application, the record management of the department is very poor, that is due to non-availability of the staff. So, your application will speak all the details, and it will be easier for the officer to Act upon]

    Even if it does not work, RTI is there. go for it. {Now a days an Assessing Officer is the CPIO, the same officer who is to issue RO}

    Good luck.

  8. Re: Income tax refund

    That is really good piece of information. I must again thank you. If you can create your blog entry regarding this, it would be really worth.
    The link to blogs is this: RTI India - Blogs

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