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Thread: The biggest users of RTI are Government employees: Kejariwal

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    Dear Friends,

    Whether A Govt. Employee Or Any Common Man, The Purpose Is One And The Same. If Govt. Employee Question I Think It Will Be More Infomation Will Come Definately As He Is Knowing How The Superiors Hide The Information.

    The Purpose Is To Remove The Corrupt Practices From Root To Develop The Country. Either These Corrupt Practices Are In In Contracts, Works, With Staff By Way Of Threats Like Transfers And Disciplinary Actions Etc., Or With Any Other Means.

    All Rti Activists Should Try To Educate (litral And Non Litral Citizen) More And More People To Use Rti Against Corrupt Practices Which Will Definately Remove The Corrupt Practices With In A Span Of A Decade.

    Let Us Try Friends,


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    Col NR Kurup (Retd)
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    Re: The biggest users of RTI are Government employees: Kejariwal

    I repeat that this is a very sensitive issue. It can be interpreted anyway one like. Shall we analise it more frankly. Why the RTI Act ? It is only due to the public hostile attitude of the government servants. What is the impediments in the smooth functioning of the RTI Act ? Because most of the government servants are not cooperating ? What are the Activists fight about ? To make the government servants abide by the explicit provisions of the RTI Act. What is one of the serious objections of the Activists ? Appointment of ex-bureaucrates as Chiefs who find it impossible to change themselves from the prevelent system to accommodate RTI Act ? Now do you want the same public servants to block the 80% capacity of the Commission creating a bottle-neck ?
    In fact I had suggestted to the CIC a fair system to get over the problem. Earmark one Information Commissioner exclusively for government emplyees. This means instead of 80% capacity 20% of the Commission capacity be earmarked for the government employees thus making 80% available to rest of WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA. I am sure that this suggestion also is likely to attract the wrath of government employees.
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    Re: The biggest users of RTI are Government employees: Kejariwal

    Hello ColKurup,

    Your idea of alloting one Commission to Govt. Employees seems practical for the CIC. But the same cannot be extended to SICs. IC Kejariwal's observations are equally true with State Commissions. They are also inundated with pleas from Govt. Employees. But in most of the states we have not more than Two/Three members. So your formula may not be practical there.

    The Priority should be to fill up the vacant posts first. At least the huge backlog should cease to exist.


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