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Thread: some issues which can be taken up with government

  1. some issues which can be taken up with government

    some issues which may be taken up with the government departments by RTI forum:

    1. details of income tax refunds pending with each divisions & likely time by which such refund will be paid
    2. Number of undertrial persons held in various prisons, durations,minimum imprisonment under particular section of law under which they are held, capacity of prisons ,number of prisoners.
    3. number of officers against which cases are pending for want of clearance by their department, likely time by which the decision may be taken.
    4. Excise: refund of claims pending with each divisions & likely time by which this is likely to be paid.
    5. details of cases pending against MLA,MP,IPS etc. with statusof each of them.

  2. The obligation of Public Authorities under Right to Information Act enumerates the publication of information. You can read them here:
    many of the points raised here are already been undertaken by the Income and Custom & central Excise Department. Maneesh would be better able to throw some more light into this issue.

  3. It seems desirable to fill vacant posts of State information Commissioners. The poist of MP is vacant since long after the first Commissioner Shri Tn Srivastava retired! Hari Gautam Obhrai.

  4. All the information requested above and others being requested can easily be provided if all information and data can be kept on Computers and make available to citizen over website.

    It is unrealistic to expect government organization to change the business process within a period of 120 days or for that matter one year.
    Even if the computer system is there, the challenges are many fold:
    1. Training and motivating of the staff
    2. Storing old data
    3. Change business process and work flow.

    I sincerely believe, one of the objective of RTI should be to help Government to deliver better services.

    There are a number of good e governance projects are executed at all corner. It is observed, that the locations where e governance projects are successfully executed, the number of satisfied citizens has increased and consequently the number of RTI applications has reduced as the citizen get information in general course.

    I believe the top most priority of RTI act can be to computerize government at the fastest speed possible. Once done half the objective of RTI will be achieved.
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