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Thread: Qtn..Reg. Withdraw of Fixed Deposits in State Bank of India

  1. Qtn..Reg. Withdraw of Fixed Deposits in State Bank of India


    <O></O>This is Vijay and working in Pune. My mothers sister, has some fixed deposits in SBI and she does not given a nominee to an one . So, the thing is, she was expired 4 years before and she handover the property to My Mother and my Grand mother by Power of attorney written and that is also registered in registered office. So, Last year.. we submitted all documents related to fixed deposits in State Bank of ffice:smarttags" /><?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<ST1lace w:st="on">India</ST1lace></st1:country-region>. But the process is not moving forwarded. Those people are telling like “ come tomorrow and day after tomorrow “ like they are telling and another my father is also expired in last year. He is taking care about these before death and my mother don’t know what to do. So, Can any one please help me in this issue for getting withdraw those fixed deposits..?fficeffice" /><O></O>
    and What is the validity of session certification ( i.e. which is certified by the Court saying that Power of attorney/Authorization on property )..?

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  2. Re: Qtn..Reg. Withdraw of Fixed Deposits in State Bank of India

    pl file rti application as per proforma in my blog. U can frame questions by refering to my post 'any thing pending....' in blog.Power of attorney becomes void once the person who gave it expires. If it is a will, you have to obtain a probate from court. based on probate bank will pay to the beneficiaries.
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