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Thread: information regarding the existance of a mamooli rasta: From where to get?

  1. information regarding the existance of a mamooli rasta: From where to get?

    I am trying to get information regarding the existance of a mamooli rasta that has been in use by the locals for the last 30 years or so but have been given the run around between one dept and another in the city corporation office.
    The reason is some influential political figures have interest in seeing that it is not provided.

    A visit to the ADLR office evoked a reply that this information is not in the public domain.

    A visit to the Town Planning Office evoked a reply that such information cannot be provided to the public.

    Does this information come from the Office of the Deputy Commissioner (in whose premises the ADLR office is situated) or from the City Corporation( where the Town Planning Office is).

    Can I get some information on this please

  2. Dear Mr Edmar,
    Your post does not specify if you have made any application in writing to any authority in respect of the information that you have sought. Please clarify.

  3. Yes have applied in writing by a simple letter in October 06 to both the authorities- the ADLR and the TPO.

  4. If you need any information under RTI Act, you have to make an application to the PIO of the department concerned along with a fee of Rs.10/=.

    My understanding is that in the state of Karnataka, this application money can be by way of DD or Banker's Chq or IPO favouring the Karnataka State Public Information Officer and attached to your application (if you want to send it by post). Alternatively you can remit the fees in cash at the office of the PIO, if you want to do it in person.

    Your next step will be to identify the PIO of the civic auhtority to submit your application. In this case I presume that the PIO should be attached to the City Corporation. Even if you happen to file your application with the PIO of a toally different department, there is nothing to worry. In terms of Sec. 6(3) of the RTI Act, the receiving PIO is required to forward it to correct PIO, within 5 days. In such an event, the reply for your petition may take a maximum of 35 days as against the prescribed period of 30 days.

    Please post us further developments in this forum. In the meantime, I wish you good luck in your endeavour.


  5. As I have read in right2information site:-
    If a Public Authority makes submitting and receiving an RTI Application difficult for you, or if the experience impacts your self-respect, then submit it by the “via APIO _______ Post Office” method STRAIGHT to the CPIO of the President of India, PMO or Governor of that State right away, adding a line that the relevant Public Authority was not co-operating and so you are forced to go to the added effort of submitting it to the CPIO of the President/PMO/Governor, under the RTI Act , it is perfectly legitimate, and gets the message across very well to all concerned. By rights, the submission of an RTI Application should be as simple as buying a Railway ticket. Till then, if we have to utilise the help of the Super PIOs at President/PMO or Governor, then so be it.

  6. Hello Nile,
    Unfortunately this is not the right way to deal with non-reply of RTI application. Even the Press release of PMO and President had stated that the RTI application should only be dealt with proper procedure, and should not be sent to them directly for redressal. I had the link to that press release, but lost today, and would post that for reference sometimes later.

    kindly read this thread where in I had explained the correct procedure.

    Under RTI Act the applicant can directly approach only the CIC & only if he has exhausted the channels and he was not heard. In that case the CIC can take up the matter treating it as an independent representation.

  7. Mr Edmar,

    I have been able to trace some additional information in respect of Karnataka.

    Karnataka State Information Commission has a web site. I am furnishing the link here. SCIC website , from where you can view and down load the Form-A, which is the format for filing a petition. The details are available both in English and Kannada. Also various rules applicable to Karnataka under the RTI Act are available in the said site.

    As per the information provided in this site, you can even file a petition directly with the State Commission, who will forward it to the concerned department.

    I hope this piece of information will be of some help to you.

  8. Great Ganpat

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