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Thread: How to get information regrarding Superfast train actual speed?

  1. How to get information regrarding Superfast train actual speed?

    Dear Sir,

    Off late the Indian Railways have been taking us for a ride by increasing the fares of travel by classifying trains as Superfast with no increase in speeds at all.In fact they have done it twice in the year 2006 ,once in July and then again in Dec.I would like to know as to how I could demand information from the Indian Railways as the criteira they use to classify the trains as superfast as I have enough data to prove that the trains so classified do run slower as compared to the speed when they were not classified as superfast.Similarly trains of higher speed than the one calssified as Superfast do not fall under this category thereby exposing inconsistent methodology used by the Railways to collect the surcharge.The Railways are hence collecting super fast surchare illegally without providing any benefit to the user

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  2. Hello and welcome to RTI India.
    To get the information from the Indian Railway about the issue of criterion of Superfast train, it is only the Railway Board which decides about it. Hence to ask for the information, you must approach the PIO, Railway Board, New Delhi.

    Presently the PIO is Shri. B.L.Meena, ED(PG). M/o Railways (Railway Board). His telephone number is 011-23386203

    The Question you must ask in a plain paper by depositing Rs.10/- is:
    1. The criterion of selecting Superfast train.
    2. Any specific data of a train which you think did not follow the norm of superfast. It would be pertinent to ask specific days of running of the particular train, which is all documented by the Operation's department. The exact timings of the train is available with the Railway time table and is in public domain.
    Just to give you a understanding:

    Any train whose average speed of running is more than 55 Kms/hour is classified as Super Fast train.

  3. Thanks Devush and Kushal,
    The matter is really important and hope Mr. Devush will pursue the matter.

  4. superfast trains

    i travel by the 2619/2620 train kurla/mangalore which is seclared a superfast train.
    it leaves at 1405/1440 resp and arrives at 0630 the next morning.
    timetable states abt 1100 kms but everyone knows the distance is just abt 750 kms.
    by increasing the distance and dividing the time taken the railways charge the "surcharge".
    this is a game and a shame.

  5. I do not understand the point, you mean the Railway claim the distance to be 1100 Kms and actually it is 750 Kms? Quite Surprising!

    I think the railway calcuates from the track distance rather than road distance.

  6. You are right Crusader. Railway calculates the distance by tracks not by as crow flies. You can find it out when you see the onward journey ticket and return journey ticket. Most of the times the distances are not same. And even the fare is not same.

    As Kushal has given an example about the criteria for select fast train I would like to add that one particular day run may not meet the criteria because of weather conditions, track reapir, some other exigencies like strike, etc.

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    Re: How to get information regrarding Superfast train actual speed?

    The same is here too, It is discussed about long distance passengers. The problem is more in case the distance is less. I am talking about Sambalpur Howrah Ispat Express. If one travels From Sambalpur to Jharsuguda the distance is only 47 Kms and the time taken by DMUis almost same as Ispat Express but the fare is three times of DMU. It is simply looting from the passenger in the name of Superfast. Examples are many but whts the way to check it. I think there must be a team effort for this I dont think by just inquiring it has got the solution. Let the entire RTI team think on this issue. I find Railway admits many thing. Such as late running of train but whts the remedy next.

  8. Re: How to get information regrarding Superfast train actual speed?

    The railways are taking everyone for a ride.

    Go to the following sites
    Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd

    According to the KRCL Map the total track laid is 760.12 kms from Roha to Mangalore.
    According to the Indian Railway fare/availability/schedule the distance from Kurla Terminus to Roha is 130 kms (see Netravati Express)
    hence the total track distance from Kurla Terminus to Mangalore is 890.12 kms.
    Yet the fare is charged for 1186 kms ?

    The time taken for Matsyagandha Express is 16.50 hrs (1405/0635 the next morning)hence the speed is less than 55 kmph.
    During monsoons for safety purposes the time taken is 19 hrs.

    We should start a string on reservations too as it is another scandal to get extra earnings for the railways or for their staff.

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