I sure understand your frustration, it is really how it feels like, I had seen one with my own eyes a person running around and finally he closed his file, and while he was closing the file, lady warned you wud never get a passport as that wud worst-en the case, I shall surely update you, may be we could be help to each other.


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Dear Brother,

Thanks for your Suggestion, What to share you something with you.

I don't want to be like a Slave to get my works on time from the Passport Office, They are appointed by the Government do this work, if not I know how to Proceed to get my Passport. I will never meet anybody & stand before them without having a Proper reason.

If still they are playing with these kind of things.. I have only options to Give Press meet to share my Problems with them, how the Passport team is playing around since 1 year.

I know that all no educated found since one year to give response for my concern.

Any updates please share.