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  1. Manoj from Bangalore

    Hello everybody,

    I have been thinking of getting into RTI India for quite some time. I hail from Bangalore and have applied quite a handfull of RTI application primarily in Home and Judicial systems and still on my learning curve.

    Hope to receive valuable advice from this forum.


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    Re: Manoj from Bangalore

    Hello Manoj,

    Welcome Aboard to

    This is a community forum for sharing of ideas, helping others in their RTI Quest and enriching yourself in the process.


  3. Re: Manoj from Bangalore

    Hi Manoj,
    Hearty welcome to RTI India. Happy to note that your though process on getting in has ended now that you are already "in". I am sure you will find this a very useful place to learn and share.
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  4. Re: Manoj from Bangalore

    Dear Manoj-ji,
    Together we will make the difference through RTI and make a better govt.
    It takes each of us to make difference for all of us.

  5. Re: Manoj from Bangalore

    Welcome to RTI

    Please Thread in


    RTI INDIA: Invoking Your Rights. We provide easy ways to request, analyze & share Government documents by use of Right to Information and by way of community support.

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