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Thread: Recommendation of Parliamentary Commitee

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    C J Karira
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    Re: Recommendation of Parliamentary Commitee

    Quote Originally Posted by colnrkurup View Post
    It appears another political stunt. Kindly go through the recommendation once again. The payment is not scrapped. They have only differred. Instead of advance payment one need to pay only when one receive the information. To me, it is another anticipatory bail. This means the PIO is bailed out from his contractual obligation to provide the information for which one has paid in advance. By scrapping the advance payment system the Parliamentary Committee has bailed out the PIOs from the contractual obligation. It is another step towards the grave of RTI Act 2005
    As they say in Cricket....Well Caught !

  2. Re: Recommendation of Parliamentary Commitee

    karira ji,
    It is true, It is most unfortunate in our country that the law is broken before it is started implemention.


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    It is said

    "Indian Laws are like scare crows, initially they frighten the birds, but later the birds build their nest over it"

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    Re: Recommendation of Parliamentary Commitee

    I dont think that by deferring the payment (to be made after receipt of the info) any contractual obligation is relaxed. The obligation to furnish the info in time is laid by the law. It is a legal obligation which cannot be done away with by a 'contractual obligation'. I dont know how the payment will be 'collected' after furnishing the info. What happens if someone fails to remit? More paper work for the paper chasers?! It is as good as dispensing with the payment. It is a good suggestion. Let us experiment it. No harm. Flood gates may not be opened. Even if they were opened babus know how not to bother about it.

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    Another easier way to file RTI Applications is to use a Common Post card or a (Special Post Card/Stamp to be introduced for RTI purpose only) under postal certificate (UPC).
    It is a good proposal;if implemented properly.The payment is to be made in advance and there should be some gurantee so that the applications should reach in time (like speed post ).

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    Re: Recommendation of Parliamentary Commitee

    This is also a good suggestion. But there should not be any scarcity of such special post cards.

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    Col NR Kurup (Retd)
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    Re: Recommendation of Parliamentary Commitee

    Well said. I have not heard a better explanation. How about adding that " and vested interests add an umbrella to the scare crow" ?

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    "Nothing is more genuine than Law; Law is above Truth; As of now even Above Almighty"


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