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Thread: Obligation of Public Authorities

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    Re: Obligation of Public Authorities

    Quote Originally Posted by P.Suresh View Post
    I am suggesting 'Content providers' as solution for the problem that RTI is facing in uploading its information. I suggest that PIOs should not depend, rather have many OFFishials. It will improve efficiency, accountability, performance.
    No. That is not the actual problem. The websites are handled by NIC. And I don't think NIC is staff-starved. Or if it is, it can outsource the job. The actual problem is lack of will-power. For updation of website, the content has to be provided by the concerned officers. Again referring to my post # 41 in this thread, did any of the officers of CIC provided the content to NIC for updation as per responsibility given in the circular dated 23.2.2010. Certainly not ! Or did the registery of IC(SG) inform NIC that all the documents in that registry are available in electronic form and the information should accordingly be updated in the suo-moto declarations? Certainly not.

    Here I make it clear that I give examples of CIC again and again in my posts purposely. I know sec. 4 complaince in majority PAs is defective. I also know majority PIOs don't reply properly. In fact I know many PIOs have not even seen RTI Act ever, leave alone reading it. But still I give examples of CIC. This is because CIC, being the body entrusted with the work of enforcement of RTI Act, should be a role model for other PAs. And the PIOs of CIC should be role models of PIOs of other PAs.

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    Re: Obligation of Public Authorities

    I definitely agree with the observation that PIO of CIC should be a role model for rest of the PAs. As I already said, I have not followed RTI per se during the period that is stated. So, I will be wrong if I record anything.

    If I am not wrong Bali Saab is concerned about PAs in his state. NIC does NOT handle all websites. Well, it has a platform on which all PAs can host their websites. But, content is still the responsibility of PAs and not of NIC.

    Moreover, if you are aware, Indian language websites are available today. If PAs take this up, then the true spirit of RTI i.e. reaching the benefits to grassroots can be achieved.

    All said and done, "Content development" is still a niche area. HTML, X-HTML etc are all not everybody's cup of brew. Doesn't proposition of 'Content developers', 'Outsourcing', 'Reducing public burden' not make sense?

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    Re: Obligation of Public Authorities

    Whoseover maintains the websites - whether it is NIC or some other body at State level, or is outsourced - the contents have to be provided by the officers of the PA.

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    Re: Obligation of Public Authorities

    Contents have to definitely be provided by PAs. PIOs, PAs are definitely responsible for it. But, it does not end there.

    Information has to be converted into a presentable form. Moreover, it needs to be done digitally and updated too.

    In the context of Bali Saab's observation, I see a trend. It is the hiccup in the second part that causes the defect, content not being available/updated on website. It is hence viable to have panel of approved 'Content providers'.

    Well, it will be a good exercise to educate all PAs that NIC will host their websites free of cost. In fact, NIC has branches all across the nation and even have a huge infrastructure with mirror sites etc. If something more is needed, India can afford to meet that incremental need met at NIC.

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    Re: Obligation of Public Authorities

    No problem if it is outsourced or by officials themselves, I am of the opinion that sec 4 should be met with all the vigor and details, without any concern of public that who does it. It will keep public aware, happy and less burdened for RTI applications. I totally agree on this issue with Mr. Suresh

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    Re: Obligation of Public Authorities

    Quote Originally Posted by aurovindo View Post
    Who cares? .......................................
    The people who are at the receiving end of the Public Authorities misconduct does care...

    They need to know, what is to be expected from the Authority...
    With Warm Regards,

    Amit Das (piklu1982)

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    Re: Obligation of Public Authorities

    I think the RTI rules should be more specific. For instance, RTI requires all PAs to publish the salary details of all of its roll registers. Why is this not being done? Is salary slab, structure equivalent of what the original clause is?

    But, PAs have resorted to it. Not only that, there are various versions, degrees of implementation. It is like throwing loaves at our pets. Yes, it is as insulting as that. Some PAs have partial list of names. Some have not updated their lists. RTI act requires updated information the moment the rupee is drawn from common pool.

    There is a purpose behind every word in an ACT. Founding fathers have had their own share of difficulty to have words included. These are bereft with experience. These fathers might not be speaking HINglish after all. But they have experienced it all and hence have included them.

    We the citizens should ensure that every word is implemented in toto, at all times, by all PAs. No cutting corners, blunting the sword etc. The sword of justice should be sharp, the method/mechanism of holding that sword should be just that in all ways. Only then that RTI will attain its cherished objectives of: Transparency, Accountability.

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    Re: Obligation of Public Authorities

    If all dak Diary is made cumplsory to be registered online with scan of the letters, a fresh file is created in matter and onward all coorospondnece, notings are made online, I thinks, every thing will becme RTI mandated

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