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Thread: 7/12 cha utara

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    7/12 cha utara

    I am writing this on behalf of my father.

    We are 5 siblings, 4 brothers and 1 sister. The ancestral property was in the name of our father and after his death names of all 5 of us should have been added to the 7/12 cha utara but instead of that only four names were added excluding my name. My eldest brother had submitted a letter to talathi to include all the names but there was a mistake of omission by mandal adhikari.

    i had applied to the talathi to add my name, on which he put up a proposal to include my name in form no. 6 and correction no.1213, but it was refused by mandal adhikari without assigning any reason. We apealed to Mamledar but he did not reply so far. its been a year since the letter was sent. We have acknowledgement of the letter.

    so please guide as to how do i get my name added into 7/12 cha utara.


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    Dear Kavita, Your query is beyond the scope of this forum we discuss only RTI issues here for non-RTI issues please visit our sister site Big Helpers

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    can get my friend money his father own name land sale

    My friend live seperately in vilaage with her wife and 2 children 8th std / 9th std his father sale land own name ( purchase arround 35 to 40 years before )
    some communicatin gap with father and son long time , but his other son give money , for enjoay, build a house, autorikshya etc. but not give other son actualy he is a old son but not give one rupees to my freind
    arround Rs. 25 lack money get abnout sale land but not give one rupees to my freind

    can get my friend money legaly

    please advise


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    Ms. Kavita,

    If your complaint or letter is not being attended to by Mandal Adhikari, please file RTI application with PIO of office of Mandal Adhikari for getting reply. Please visit:



    If land is in Maharashtra also refer:

    Mahrashtra RTI Rules - RTI Guide
    It takes each of us to make difference for all of us.

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    Dear Divekar,

    Your query is not related to RTI Act 2005 to which this portal is dedicated. You should consult local advocate in this matter.
    It takes each of us to make difference for all of us.

  6. Online 7/12 entry

    Hi!I have takeover a pvt ltd company in gujarat,it's a seek unit,Land is in a company's name& Ihave purchased all 100% shares of the company.I have already taken resignation of all previous directors,and in ROC status I am 100% share holder & me & my son is as director,now I want my name to add in 7/12,Can anyone pls guide me doing this.Thanks,

  7. 7 12

    want to know about 7 12 khata utara

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    Dear Member

    This portal is meant for discussion regarding the Right To Information Act 2005 (RTI Act 2005).For (procedural information or) help in other matters not related to RTI, please visit the sister website: Big Helpers Community



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