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Thread: rti for mumbai residents

  1. rti for mumbai residents

    ANNEXURE-A [See rule 6 (1) ]

    Format of Application form under the Maharashtra Right of Information Rules,2002

    Deputy Chief Engineer
    Western Suburb
    SWD Andheri (West)
    1. Full name of the Applicant –
    2. Address :
    3. Particulars of information Required:
    • (i) Subject matter of information:
    • 1] Why Training of Dahisar River between W.E.Highway & S.V.Road is not carried out inspite of Specially recommended by Watson Hawsley International Ltd under Brimstoward project in the month of February 1993 , to avoid erosion & enchrochment.
    • 2]As recommended by Brimstoward project the clear waterway width in this stretch of Dahisar river should be minimum 35 meters.As the exsisting width of Dahisar river in this portion is 25 mtrs-30 mtrs.
    • What action is taken by your department to achive the minimum 35 mtrs width of Dahisar river.?
    • Which officer of SWD department is to be held responsible for allowing the errection of 105 numbers of Pillars & Horizontal beams for construction of the flyover and obstructing the smooth flow of strom water in Dahisar river ?
    • As it is very clear that as per the norms of M.C.G.M natural water course should not be obstructed at any cost.
    • what environmental impact study was carried by your department regarding the impact of the flyover in the normal course of Dahisar river.
    • If any study was carried out then furnish the following detail:
    • A) Name and Address of the company or firms who have conducted this study.
    • B) Copy of the environmental study and its recommendations if any.
    • C) Was the consent of the residents of areas along the Dahisar river Between W.E.Highway & S.V.Road taken ? if yes then submit the copy of the same.
    • D) why was the landing of the flyover on the eastern side of the flyover changed from the earlier planned site.?
    • E) Why was the link between the flyover and W.E.HIGHWAY added to the plan ,when it was not there when the flyover was conceived and tender passed earlier.
    • 3] As being a resident of Daulat nagar area ,I am watching Dahisar river regularly and no disilting work in the strecth of Dahisar River between W.E.HIGHWAY & S.V.ROAD is carried out by your department after the construction of the flyover i.e since 2002.
    • If you have to state that your department has carried out any desilting work in this stretch of the Dahisar river,prior to the monsoon of 2005.Please furnish me the following details with copy of photographs ,which is essential as per the conditions of your desilting tender:
    1. Quantity of silt removed from Dahisar river between W.E.HIGHWAY & S.V.ROAD.
    2. Number & Shifts of Poclain / JCB deployed for desilting work in this stretch of dahisar river between W.E.HIGHWAY & S.V.ROAD.
    3. Number & RTO registration numbers of the lorrys deployed to transport silt for the stretch between W.E.HIGHWAY & S.V.ROAD of Dahisar river.
    • 4] What action plan is prepared by your department
    • A) To construct retaining walls along Dahisar river in between W.E,HIGHWAY & S.V.ROAD (South side).
    • B) To avoid flooding in the monsoon of Year the Areas along the banks of Dahisar river.
    • 5].Status of Encroachment :
    • A) What is the status of encroachment on the banks for Dahisar river in between W.E.HIGHWAY & S.V .ROAD AND number of structures alongwith year of construction and
    • B) what action plan is prepared to remove these enchroachment to facilitate the smooth flow of strom water in the monsoon of year 2006.

  2. Re: rti for mumbai residents

    Good work

    But I would also like to add that RTI is in Union of India Act so it is not maandatory to have vivid application for different states

    Or If I am wrong pl let me know

  3. Re: rti for mumbai residents

    Dear Abhinav
    Thanks for your reply.
    I am very new to this site.
    I just wanted to air our concerns about ,an existing problem.
    I have been sending my represntation to various people.But i have got a feeling that Here in India , no one is really concerned about the common man .And the News Media also focuses on a Topic only for increasing TRP ratings.
    The Major focus is given to cricketers who use foul language in international stage.

    any ways thanks again



  4. Re: rti for mumbai residents

    Dear Rajpadhi

    There are so many thing wrong around

    and Some good too

    Like if media is so incorrect

    you are the one who is largely correct

    In we are honored to have People like you

    Concerned ...

    You are a welcome note for us

    And in we beleive that , what is paramount is to go rather than wait or pull any one else

    So just keep going and see soon you wud have all such medias behind you

    Behind the concerned truth

    regards to you too


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