As reported by Special Correspondeent in The Hindu on 1 February 2008:

Most MLAs fail to submit property statements

Before Lok Ayukta on assets and liabilities Only 19 MLAs gave statements before cut-off date
Reply given to Governor’s office under RIA

KOCHI: Only 19 MLAs have complied with the requirement of submitting their property statements to the Lok Ayukta by the cut-off date of June 30.

This was revealed in a reply given by the Governor’s office to the Human Rights Defence Forum under a Right to Information Act petition.
The Governor’s office said that by June 30, 2007, only 19 MLAs (out of the 141, including a nominated MLA) had submitted their property statements to the authority concerned. The Kerala Lok Ayukta Act, section 22(1), states that “every public servant other than a government servant, shall…before the 30th day of June once in two years submit to the competent authority in the prescribed form, a statement of his assets and liabilities and those of the members of his family”.

The Act says that “if no such statement is received by the competent authority from any such public servant, within the time specified in sub-section (1), the competent authority shall make a report to that effect to the Lok Ayukta or the Upa-Lok Ayukta, as the case may be, and send a copy of the report to the public servant concerned. If within two months of such report, the public servant concerned does not submit such statement, the Lok Ayukta or the Upa-Lok Ayukta, as the case may be, shall publish, or cause to be published, the name of such public servant in three newspapers having wide circulation in the State.”