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Thread: has anyone used the RTI?

  1. Re: has anyone used the RTI??

    pree ji,

    you can put your questions here only, so that everybody will answer your questions, and other members also get updated about your quests and our answers.

    hope you will put your questions.


  2. Re: has anyone used the RTI??

    These are my questions

    1. How important do you think the RTI is in India today (in the present socio-political scenario)?

    2. How aware do you think Indian citizens are of the Act?

    3. Can you please describe one or more situations for which you used the RTI? and the exact steps/ procedure you followed? (the time frame etc)

    4. Who introduced you to this Act?

    5. Do you see any loopholes in this Act? Are there any difficulties one might face while filing a petition or subsequently?

    6. Have there been any amendments to this Act?

    7. Do you try and make others around you aware of the existence of the RTI and the procedure, and the effect it can have on improving the Indian democracy?

  3. Re: has anyone used the RTI??

    While you wait for answers from other members, please browse through the Sucess Stories, General Discussions & News and discussions. You will find this place a store house of knowledge.
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  4. Re: has anyone used the RTI??

    Thank you,

    I have been doing that for the last couple of hours!!

  5. Re: has anyone used the RTI??

    very good pree,

    answers: 1) It is very very important in India.
    (a) It has given a supreme power to citizen of India in knowing the things happening in govt. and semi-govt. section.
    (b) It also became an axe on corruption and many more.

    (2) 5 to 10 % citizen are only aware of the act.

    (3) Plain paper application seeking details of information you want. addressed to PIO.
    paying Rs.10/- DD as application fee.

    (4) through my friend and websites.

    (5) Some officers still donot give receipt, nor accept easily. and ask us to send it through registered post and force us spend more. - Some loopholes are there.
    (6) many decisions were given by CIC.

    (7) Yes, I insist a lot to troubled citizen, harrassed people. The Act should much improve, still it is given much supports to corrupt officers, they are just skipping the questions by way of exemptions, trade secrets etc., - This act if improved it can improve very much in the Indian democracy.


  6. Re: has anyone used the RTI??

    Dear Pree,
    You can make each question a separate thread which will involve wider response from the people and you will find each one has some thing to add.
    For example you can have a poll also on the percentage of citizen using RTI.
    We have a very matured community and you will be amazed with the response.
    RTI India Network Staff Member

  7. Re: has anyone used the RTI??

    pree ji,

    Did you complete the project.?


  8. Re: has anyone used the RTI??

    pree ji, the idea given by maneesh is sound and needs to be followed. the questions you have asked require somewhat lengthy answers; one line answers would not do justice to the topic.

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