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Thread: Passport not received... 8+ months... HELP!!!

  1. Passport not received... 8+ months... HELP!!!


    I'm writing my concern for the first time; and I hope that someone in the forum will help me.

    I have also read many other passport not received issues in this forum; and the solution suggested thereafter 'RTI'; but my problem got compounded recently with something which I never anticipated and I just want to seek your help to make sure that I do the right thing.

    I filed my renewal application in July 2007. The police verification was completed in Aug 2007. From September onwards, the online status of my application kept on showing the following status -

    'It is to regret that due to unavoidable circumstances the despatch of Passport has been delayed and will now be despatched in a weeks time.'

    The weeks passed and then months; but there was no sign of passport. I visited the RPO, Delhi in November 2007 only to know that there were some objections. The passport officer asked me to come back again with the refilled application form along with one more address proof (preferably voter id or passbook copy of any state bank).

    I revisted RPO in Dec 2007 with the documents as suggested only to come to know that this was not required, since the objection was on the Date of Birth mismatch. I was not sure as to what mismatch they were talking about, since they were not sure of that too. But lucklily, I had all the documents; and I submitted the same to RPO the same day. I was asked by RPO to wait for another 15-20 days or else revisit again.

    Come Feb 2008; I again visited RPO and after a wait of 2 hours in the Admin department; I was told that the CID (police verification) report has not been received by them. When I started asking them questions, the person incharge told me that the police has sent the verification report of some lady against my name; and the same has been put up in my file. (I'm not sure why will they file the wrong report in my file and sleep over it for months; and also update the wrong status on the web). He also told me that they have sent the case back to the SSP of my area in first week of Jan to get the report. When I questioned them that why did it take the passport office close to 8 months to realize that, the person incharge was furious and asked me to leave and come back with the police dispatch report.

    The same day, I visited the police station; and I was informed that the correct report was sent by Police; and the RPO is fooling around with me. I was also suggested by the Munshi to go to SSP's office and file the complaint.

    Also, when I now see the online status of my file number; I see nothing.

    Now, this seems like a can of worms; the more I'm getting into it... the more it is eating me. I'm lost as to what I should do.

    I need to fly next month to states; and I urgently require the passport.

    Do I really need to file for an RTI or would it make matters worse?

    Any help and direction to help me solve my grievance would be highly appreciated.


    Troubled Citizen

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    Re: Passport not received... 8+ months... HELP!!!

    An RTI application should in fact clarify matters by giving you information about what has happened and also expedite the process of issuing the passport.

    Probably you can think of filing 2 RTI applications:

    - One with the RPO
    - Second with the SSP for confirming that your Police Verification has been done correctly.

    Just search for "passport" using the search tool at the top of the page or use the search tag "passport" and you will get many threads as well as suggestions therein.

  3. Re: Passport not received... 8+ months... HELP!!!

    You can start by clicking this
    passport Threads - Forum Tags by RTI India
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  4. Re: Passport not received... 8+ months... HELP!!!

    Thank you Karira and Maneesh for your guidance. I'll file the RTI very soon.

    I have still many queries:

    1) Can I just type the RTI in a A4 size paper and send the same thru Registered post to RTI officer? Or do I need to visit the RTI officer directly?

    2) Do I need to make any fee payment for the RTI? I'll be applying to Passport Office, Delhi

    3) How do I find the name & address of the RTO officer for Delhi?

    Any help again would be highly appreciated.

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    C J Karira
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    Re: Passport not received... 8+ months... HELP!!!

    1. A4 size plain paper is OK.
    Can be submitted by hand or by registered post AD.
    Get received stamp on the copy along with date or keep the AD card copy
    as proof of delivery.

    2. Rs 10.00 application fee by D/D, B/C or IPO.

    3. Just go through the threads given by Maneesh and you will get the links for list of PIO's for passport office and PIO for Delhi RPO. He will also guide you as to whose name you can send the D/D or B/C. Or , you can send a blank Rs. 10.00 IPO and ask the PIo to fill in the relevant details.

  6. Re: Passport not received... 8+ months... HELP!!!

    Don't forget to keep all the testimonials with you i.e. Receipts , even the speed post receipts etc , as many a times the case is denied on the basis that "nothing was received"

    Also do keep true copy or all the application you have been sending to the said offices

    Also while framing the RTI try and ask the inquiry officer of Police , because as per rule , at least a head Constable is suppose to come while conducting direct inquiry, as far as discreet inquiry is concerned no one comes

    In most of the cases "Absence of the Applicant during investigation of DM and SSP or non receipt of any one formality is the reason sorted by the State Passport Dept"

    Also make sure that no tout is being used , as you have not mentioned the mode of application , like it was under Tatkal or not, and most important did you post it , deposited directly or went through tout or official agent

    We have been dealing with various such cases and we have found that the government officials always keep options open

    So be sure about keeping everything right , I repeat RIGHT, as far as your side in concerned

    Good Luck
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  7. Re: Passport not received... 8+ months... HELP!!!

    Thanks Karrira and Abhinav. I appreciate all your guidance in helping me resolve the issue.

    I'll try to frame my RTI application and will post further queries, if I encounter them.


    troubled citizen

  8. Re: Passport not received... 8+ months... HELP!!!

    In fact its our duty in

    Pleasure is all ours
    Abhinav Bohare
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