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Thread: Co.Op Banks are covered under RTI ?

  1. Re: Co.Op Banks are covered under RTI ?

    Co-op bank directors are having very sound political back ground. They are treating district registrar as a peon, DR is also habituated likewise ( this is my proved experience). Hence anything to get through DR regarding Co-op Bank is next to impossible.
    Nitin Raval

  2. Re: Co.Op Banks are covered under RTI ?

    Why not try RBI? At least audit reports will be available with RBI.
    It takes each of us to make difference for all of us.

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    I do not see any posts on Co operative Banks in Maharashtra and if they covered by RTI- Our Public Trust banks with a Co op Bank and we wish to inspect the Resolutions that have been submitted by the Trustees on the operation of the Trust Accounts as we see it in variation with our Rules that require the elected Hon Treasurer and Hon Secretary to be the two signatories but instead coopted Council members are signing the cheques.

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    If Coop banks are not covered by RTI and one has a query about their funny method of functioning. Cheques are issued by A in the name of a person B, the cheques are not crossed,the person who issued the cheque A sends his employee to the bank and the employee collects the money in cash and gives the cash to the employer A.
    The bank records show that the cheque has been encashed and in the name of B but in actual fact B has not received any money (or has received only a part of the encashed amount).
    The bank records do not show if it is a cash withdrawal or a transfer to another account by clearing or same bank inter branch transfer.
    We have suspicion that lakhs have been drawn out in this fashion from the accounts of a Public Trust by the Trustees.
    What does one do in such a case.

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    Re: Co.Op Banks are covered under RTI ?

    Urban cooperative banks in Maharashtra are not under RTI.
    There is a Court Judgement on this and available here:

    Regarding your matter of fraudulent withdrawal of money belonging to a Public Trust, you have to see whether the Public Trust is a Public Authority as defined in the RTI Act. The online RTI Act can be viewed at:
    If it is not, then you can try to get the desired information from the Charities Commissioner.
    Please use the search function available at the top of this page and search for "public trust" etc. and you will get some useful threads.
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  6. Re: Co.Op Banks are covered under RTI ?

    We asked the Charity Commissioner and he has confirmed that he would provide us with all documents and reports filed by the Trust in his office but that for any additional info/ copies of documents we must get it directly from the Trust.This we have in writing.
    However, the Trust states they are a Private Trust ( though with a Public Trust Regn No) and so do not have to divulge any information even to members.
    We have just recd confirmation from two of the Council members that even though the Rules state that at every Council meeting the Income/Expenditure accounts have to be read out and put on record no such thing is being done so nobody knows how much has been withdrawn or expended or for what purpose.
    Do you think under the circumstances there is a prima facie case of fraud and cheating based on our earlier message too for us to lodge an FIR as we have the Trust stonewalling us and the Charity Commissioner expressing helplessness unless we initiate legal process- the Trustees want us to do this so that while "sub judice" they can rule the roost and continue with their tricks.
    Pls give us your valued advice

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