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Thread: ITI LTD. First indian P.S.U.

  1. ITI LTD. First indian P.S.U.

    I am new member and seriously concerned with contineual dettoriation of our own assets and natural national wealths.I feel some malafide intentions and corrupt practises of politicians in destoying our assets.

    I for example wish to know the basic reasons of P.S.U's downfall which were once said to be temple of modern India and were opened with huge public funds for development of infra structure with intention to act as employement generation instrument irrespective of profit orientation.

    The ITI LTD. first indian P.S.U. and pioneer in indian telecommunication cattered the needs of country since 1948 has presently dettoriated to the extent that no revival package (meant for corruption)is able to get it revived.What govt.was doing when it all was getting destroyed and why those responsible for the play with public funds and our natural resources are not identified and punished.

  2. Re: ITI LTD. First indian P.S.U.

    We are so concerned about the future of this country

    But I am sure its in the safest hands with concerned citizens like YOU

    I am sure you would find answers to these policy or welfare economic measures based decision of Government on PSU sooner or later

    If you want to ask the Govt , you can go ahead an file an RTI application asking for the Note sheet wherein such decisions were taken by departments dealing with the respective PSUs

    All is there , but your RTI application

    GO ahead
    Abhinav Bohare
    ....No is Nothing; Knowz Everything


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