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Thread: Information from City Development Authorities on layout plan sanctioning

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    Information from City Development Authorities on layout plan sanctioning

    This query is about getting information from urban land development authorities (Bangalore Development Authority/Mysore Urban Development Authority) on plots (layouts) formation in the cities of Bangalore and Mysore. I think folks in this forum from Karnataka (especially Bangalore and Mysore) would understand this easily. There are lot of House Building Co-operative Societies (HBCS) which collect money from its members and promise plots/sites. Usually, they provide plots for comparitively lesser price (than market price), but take a lot of time in doing so. They purchase agricultural land, get them converted to residential use (from agricultural use), develop it, submit a detail plan of the developed layout to the urban development authorities (BDA & MUDA), get them approved and register in the name of its members. Usually, this whole process takes atleast 2-3 years (in some cases, it will go beyond 10 years due to litigation involving land owners who will ask for more price, red-tapism by development authorities while conversion, approval, fraud within the society, etc).
    What I am looking at is:
    1. Status of plan approval in a particular area from urban development authorities (BDA & MUDA)
    2. To check if at all, if any application has been filed with development authorities from any of these societies for layout formation
    3. Verifying genuineness of certain copies of land conversion/layout approval details I have from these societies

    Since it is difficult to approach town planning/urban development department authorities and seek information verbally, is it possible to approach them via RTI route?

    Has anyone had any experience in such matters?


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    Re: Information from City Development Authorities on layout plan sanctioning

    You can go ahead and ask the details as desiredby writing a RTI application , that is also there in the BDA website Welcome to Bangalore Development Authority

    and also in PIO office

    BDA Commercial Complex,
    HSR Sector VI,
    Ph: 25720264

    Try and read various threads on filing and drafting RTI application and also see teh FAQ section in this site for further details

    I hope this would solve your problem provided you initiate , because Doing does it
    Abhinav Bohare
    ....No is Nothing; Knowz Everything


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