False information under RTI lands NMPT PIO in soup
As Reported in Express News Service on February 10 2008

MANGALORE: A Public Information Officer (PIO) in the New Mangalore Port Trust (NMPT) was placed on the dock for furnishing false information.

The Central Information Commission (CIC) issued summons directing PIO to attend a hearing for furnishing false information on pay package of Assistant Marine Surveyors in the NMPT.
The notice was issued after CIC’s attention was drawn to the information, submitted to Sarvottam Acharya from Bajpe, did not have the mandatory signature or seal of the officer concerned. In April 2005, the state High Court passed an order directing the NMPT chairman to revise the pay-scales of Assistant Marine surveyors retrospectively from 1980.

The court also had rejected a three-members report on revision of pay scales of surveyors declaring that the report included merely recommendations and had no legal binding on the petitioners.
The petitioners including Port and Dock Workers Union and beneficiaries assistant Marine Surveyors wrote a letter to the NMPT Chairman requesting him to follow High Court’s order.

However, NMPT Chairman refused to implement the court order and struck to the three-members’ report declaring it as final report and there was no need of any further revision in pay scales.

Directorate of Public Grievances and Union Ministry of Shipping and Surface Transport in separate letters requested NMPT Chairman to follow the High Court’s order and solve the problem of Assistant Marine Surveyors on priority basis.

The Central Administrative Reforms Commission Chairman and Union Labour Minister’s recommendation letters were also rejected by the NMPT Chairman.

Sarvottam Acharya from Bajpe wrote another letter to the NMPT Chairman to take a judicious decision on revision of pay scales. He received a terse letter informing him that further correspondence on the same issue would be ignored. Acharya, then filed an application under the Right to Information (RTI) Act seeking information on High Court’s verdict and 64 other questions on Feb 12, 2007.

The information furnished were found to be false resulting in the PIO landing himself in a soup.

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