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Thread: CIC Decisions in Open Source

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    CIC Decisions in Open Source

    CIC Decisions in Open Source

    Mr. Prasant Iyengar has painstakingly compiled all the decisions of CIC in into an easily searchable format. So the decisions can be viewed and searcheable on your Desktop.
    This month's DIGIT magazine also carries this program.

    For more info, read below.


    User's descretion is a must before downloading any content from the Net and installing the same on your pc. At least check for Viruses.

    OpenJudis - Central Information Commission
    by Prashant Iyengar Oct 23, 2007

    Dear All,
    As some of you may know, over the past year I've been running a free
    website of Indian Supreme Court Judgments at
    OpenJudis - Free Supreme Court case repository

    I've recently diverted my attentions to the decisions of the Central
    Information Commission and I'm glad to report that I've just finished
    programming a database/search engine of CIC Decisions that you can
    download and install on your hard drive for free (Windows Only).
    The installation file can be downloaded at (17Mb approx/10-15mins on 256kbs

    The database contains full texts of over 5000 RTI decisions and is
    fully searchable.
    Screenshot available here :

    Note that I haven't yet made this database available online and it is
    only available in its offline form.

    Hope this will be of use to Information activists in India.
    Look forward to receiving feedback on this.

    Ps. You may also download the Supreme Court version of OpenJudis
    (including about 23000 full texts of the Supreme Court) at . (330 Mb)
    For this you will also need to separately download and install Swish-e
    for windows :
    (4.5 Mb)

    Nabble - Commons-law - OpenJudis - Central Information Commission

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    sidmis ji,

    You are doing a great job. Thanks to you and your efforts.

    hats off to you sir,


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    Re: CIC Decisions in Open Source

    I have just finished programming an update for the above mentioned software. The new version can be downloaded at
    It contains the full texts of over 7500 CIC decisions - fully searchable. Fully free.
    Hope you enjoy it.

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    Thank you for the link, Would you like to host your valuable contributions at RTI India Download segment RTI India: The Complete Information and Resource Regarding Right to Information of India - home
    Kindly contact us at admin [at] rtiindia [dot] org

    Thank you once again for the efforts, I had downloaded and seen your work.

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    The great work of Prashant is online at RTI Members may download the same from RTI

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    Re: CIC Decisions in Open Source

    I've used Prashant's great work a lot in the past. Just wondered if he's updated it. It would be great.


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