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Thread: What is a certified copy?

  1. What is a certified copy?

    This is in sequel to the thread about who certifies....

    1. What can be classified as certified copy?
    2. What are the essentials to look for which make a copy certified?
    3. Will a plain undated sheet of paper containing some information initialled by some persons [unidentified] referred to as an annexure in the covering letter signed the PA [only the covering letter is signed by the PA or his authorised rep and not the plain sheet of paper enclosed with the letter] be considered as a certified copy of the info sheet?


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    C J Karira
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    Re: What is a certified copy?

    In my case, the "certified" copies state in one corner (or at the bottom of the page):

    "certified true copy", then stamped and signed with date by someone.

    I have submitted these in the High Court without any problems.

  3. Re: What is a certified copy?

    Certified copies are entered into diary with issue date and should be accessible from the office records. It should be signed and issued by the competent authority of the office.

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    Col NR Kurup (Retd)
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    Re: What is a certified copy?

    A certified copy should be :
    (a) certified by a person competent to certify Normally it should be certified by a gazeted Officer under his dated full signature, name and office
    (b) Should contain the seal of the office certifying
    (c) It should indicate that it is a certified true copy
    (d) To be safe, the authority issuing a certified copy should be legally entitled to possess the original. However a gazetted officer can attest any document as certified true copy after verifying the original. This is normaly used in attestting true copies of certificates etc.
    (e) In case of copies obtained from non-governmental sources I consider that it should be attested by an Advocate Notary.

  5. Re: What is a certified copy?

    Hi every one, immensely grateful for the replies.... like the saying goes even lies can seem to be true when told repeatedly over and over ... I had almost started to believe that the info sheet Provided by GNIDA not endorsed in any of the way all of you have mentioned above to be authentic and admissible in courts...
    Thanks again


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