As reported in on 08 July 2010:
HC stays BIA verdict, declares it a public unit - Bangalore - City - The Times of India

HC stays BIA verdict, declares it a public unit

BANGALORE: A division Bench stayed the single Bench verdict which not only affirmed the Karnataka Information Commission's findings but also declared that BIA is a public authority.

The division Bench, headed by Justice K L Manjunath, passed this interim order on a writ appeal filed by BIA, which had challenged the February 9, 2010, order of the single Bench.

"If on the ground of substantial contribution or holding by government, a body can be declared a public authority, then without an explanation regarding what amounts to `substantial contribution', most private companies have to be put in that category," counsel for BIA argued.

The contention of BIA -- whether it can be bracketed as a "state" as defined under Article 12 of the Constitution -- is still undecided as the SLP is pending before the apex court. In August 2008, the full Bench of the KIC had said BIA is a public authority and amenable under RTI Act, 2005.