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Poll: Chose the popular keywords for Right to Information Search

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Thread: Key words for RTI India!

  1. As regular members to this portal, we are accustomed to the word RTI. But how many of us remember the search word that we used to land up at this portal for the first time? Frankly at this point of time, I do not recollect whether I used the word RTI or" right to info" or some other word.

    I feel it would be better if this question is answered by new members. We can also consider adding a query in the new member registration form to this effect so that they willl be able to provide the correct answer when their memory is still fresh.

  2. Thats a very good suggestion Ganpat,
    New Members will be able to throw some more light into the searching pattern used as the search engine directed hits are maximum in our community.

  3. Re: Key words for RTI India!

    In my view RTI is becoming the most familiar term. But let us use all available options.

    Incidentally, I was wondering if you had read the following report in The New Indian Express on February 12, 2008. Since I do not know where to post it I am posting it here.


    RTI pleas go unanswered for eight months
    Tuesday February 12 2008 00:55 IST
    JEEVA, The New Indian Express

    CHENNAI: The Chennai Collectorate seems to have landed in the dock for inordinately delaying in providing information sought under the Right To Information (RTI) Act eight months ago.

    The RTI law stipulates 30 days time for replying to RTI applications else the official concerned is liable to pay a fine of Rs 250 for every day of delay.

    R Natarajan of Raja Annamalaipuram submitted three applications to the Collectorate on June 16, 2007, asking for details about the action taken to remove certain encroachments on Anna Salai, St Mary’s Road and Chamiers Road.

    As he did not receive a reply, he moved the State Information Commission against the Collectorate. Natarajan alleged that a portion of government land at the Chamiers Road-Boat Club Road junction has been encroached upon by a dealer of Bharat Petroleum.

    And a government land opposite to SIET College on Anna Salai was in the possession of Voltas Limited, he said. The company wrote to the government long ago to take over the land, but the authorities did not take possession of it, the applicant said.

    His third application pertains to the non-removal of encroachments by around 20 shops at St Mary’s Road- TTK Road intersection, which made widening of the road there impossible.

    Many area residents suspect influential persons are blocking the reply. When contacted, a senior revenue official in the Collectorate claimed that due to their work burden they could not respond to the application but now they have the replies ready.


  4. Re: Key words for RTI India!

    Dear Shri prk, Thank you for your views on the Key Words for RTI India.

    By the way, all news reports that our members come across are filed by them under " RTI News & Discussions". The New India Express Report which you have mentioned above has been reported by our esteemed member Karira in the thread:
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  5. Re: Key words for RTI India!

    Thank you for this information.

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    Re: Key words for RTI India!

    Apart from 'RTI' there's another acronym called RIA. Even 'RTI+RIA' combination returning a search page result with RTIINDIA.ORG at the top.

    The terms RIA is used mainly by the Banking PAs taking the cue from RBI.

    As far as I recollect I used "RTI India" to land in

    I got it from


  7. Re: Key words for RTI India!

    ok! I am putting the top keyword people searched from google that brought to RTI India in recent times:
    1. interesting cases in rti act
    2. income tax refund
    3. hp gas
    4. Right to Information act
    5. passport renewal
    6. provident fund withdrawal
    7. rti act
    8. ration card chennai
    9. right to information
    10. epf balance
    11. income tax refund india
    12. epf hyderabad
    13. cpio income tax department
    14. dopt
    15. registrar of cooperative societies maharashtra pio
    16. income tax refund status
    17. rti in court of cjm
    18. rti in india
    19. right to information india
    20. bank transactions
    Interestingly no visitor searched around 'RTI India'

  8. Re: Key words for RTI India!

    Once RTI is entered in the Google Search box with the India button below, the information displayed is expected to be on RTI India. Such a selective search takes away a lot of unwanted links.

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