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Thread: RTI Denied ?

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    Dear Sirs,
    In a couple of months ago, I shought some information from the PIO State Bank of India of our locality. But there was no response from his side. After 45 days, I appeal before the FAA but again I sense a silence over it. So,after about 25 days, I sent an email to the FAA that, as I was denied the information, I should proceed to the Central Commission for the 2nd appeal in due time. Then starts the real drama!
    The FAA compel the concerned PIO,i.e. Branch Manager to reach a definite compromise with me. He(PIO) repeatedly speak to me over phone requesting me to meet him. But due to other engagement I could not meet him. then PIO came to my residence and felt sorry for the past incidence. He request me to write that, I am convenience in the discussion with him, so that ,he will fax the same to the FAA on the very day. Accordingly I did so.But it was not an withdrawl.
    Hence the next day, he came again to my residence and request me to withdraw the RTI Application. He provide me certain required copies free of cost. I request him that, as it is a legal matter, he should felt sorry in writing. To which he agreed and I withdraw my self.
    I was sure that, the PIO was not aware of the RTI Acts.
    RTI Acts "Amar Rahe".

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    The Greet ji,

    It is a good move that he came for compromise, wich tells that he was not aware of the Act, at least now onwards he will be careful.

    Our aim should be education people in using RTI to keep the machinery in right direction.

    Good luch the Great.



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