Hi ! I need information on the following matter.

My grandparents have expired and so we need to remove their names from the house property papers. I had once been to Jila Panchayat Office and gave the application for removal of my grandfather's name with his death certificate copy, affidavit from other members that they do want want any right in the family property. I was informed the needful will be done. Now when i went with the same papers in my grandmother's case i found out from the records that my grandmother's name has been removed while my grandfather's name is still there. I have visiting the my area talati and the city Jila Parishad office and they are telling me to do the procedure once again for removal of both grandparents name from the house property papers. They said if i don't do it then i have to go to the computer to get the corrections done which will take 3 months. Moreover while i visited my area Talati, he made me take out the files from his cupboard to look for records.

Can u please guide me as to what should be done in this matter?

Is there a way where i can get the records and show the officials that there is no need to do all the paperwork again and only give the death certificate copies for removal of names?

The area talati and City Jila Parishad Office are very un-co operative, i do not get proper information and a lot of time is being wasted.

Kindly advise.
Thanking you,