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Thread: A A does'nt make up on time

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    dear friend colnrkurup ji,

    If for the Lates, if we go on counting the lates done by many in the past and anticipated future lates, then I think it is very difficult to think of improvement.

    For example: If a person has done some wrong or crime and one should not advocate that because many persons were released who did wrong and crime (what ever may be reason).

    In case of nile he was called at a perticular time and the incharge did not turn up which is definately a lapse on his part (may be a strong reasons, official commitment etc., what ever be the reason).

    Some where, some body should start and demand punctuality what I strongly feel.

    Hence I feel it is a lapse on the part of the authority who gave the time and did not turn up.


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    Re: A A does'nt make up on time

    We terribly lack sense of time. Especially we dont think much about wasting the time of others, especially if they are not our superiors! I fully agree that some where a beginning should be made to put an end to this. The best place to start is with the self. Let us all be punctual in our dealings and not waste the time of others.

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    taurus ji,

    thank you sir,


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