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Thread: I am an INDIAN

  1. I am an Indian

    United we stand and don't divide to fall

    Everyone has the right of doing the wrong in our country it seems

    May be because we don't want to face various verities

    Like the one recently put forth i.e. federal division

    North India , South India , Maharashtra India , NE India

    And no one else but we our selves are to be blamed for it

    As Who so ever has provoked or is further provoking it , is a Indian, among us ....

    All I need to do it pose a question , without going into controversy or North south , or politically north or diplomatically south

    And MY question follows in the Poll


    Are we really divide and the political provocation is just an opportunity we all were waiting for


    Else (Option are all yours)

    Abhinav Bohare
    ....No is Nothing; Knowz Everything

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    Col NR Kurup (Retd)
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    Re: I am an Indian

    It is a union; but it is doubtful as to whether it is unified in every respect. We do not have even unified civil code, No equity of treatment. It appears paradox that the majority community is ruled by the whims, fancies and desires of minority. The ultimate aim of any type of reservation to minority is to ensure that the minority is not deprived of anything that the majority gets. But now the majority is deprived of many things which the minority gets. The majority survives as desired by the minority. It is very difficult to say that we are a Union in every respect.

  3. I am an INDIAN

    Gd eveng Friends!~!

    This is my first posting to the RTI forum.

    Though we are very proud in saying that we are INDIANS, we get more provocative, at the slight behest of language or state interests./forced to even though we may not agree with their view,
    just to keep a good name.

    The language wise division is the main reason for this state of affairs.

    This can be avoided, in my view, with the advantage of technological revolution, we can introduce children be taken for a minimum of three states compulsory stay cum learning programme,from 5th sta, an age the children will learn a lanauage vey fast,. If this is continued for a period of five years up to Xth stad, they will become proficient n 3or 4 lanauages by the age of 15.
    since having visited they will be used to and can knwo abt the diversity of the people of INDIA toto.

    This system will bring in brotherhood among the children, from the childhood.
    THis is my personal view!

  4. Re: I am an Indian

    dear friends and sirs,

    India is a very big country (all citizen) having social responsibility of Mankind. India maintain Unity in diversity. Let us feel it and spread it for the sake of country, for the sake of Mankind and also for the sake of ourself.



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