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Thread: Instructions for First Appellate Authority

  1. Re: File Notings - If Pio Refuses To Give File Notings.


    I have come across one decision of Dopt over the role of appellet authority from this site only,

    I am attaching a file related to the Role of appeallet authority, which is a decision of Dopt.

    please go through, which may be help ful to many members and viewers.

    [4. If an appellate authority comes to a conclusion that the appellant should be supplied information in addition to what has been supplied to him by the CPIO, he may either (i) pass an order directing the CPIO to give such information to the appellant, or (ii) he himself may give information to the appellent while diposing off the appeal. in the first case the appellate authority should ensure that the information ordered by him to be supplied is supplied to the appellant immediately. It would however, be better if the appellate authority choose the second course of action and he himself furnish the information along with the order passed by him in the matter].


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    C J Karira
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    Re: Instructions for First Appellate Authority

    Attached is the DoPT Circular dated 25 April 2008 regarding Guidelines for First Appellate Authority under RTI Act 2005.
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    Re: Instructions for First Appellate Authority

    Respected sir/madam
    i own a commercial shop on ground floor in a register society ,as i intend to sell the said property to a doctor for a maternity hospital i have applied along with society prescribed form no 20(1) 21 on 11th june 2010, and in my application i have requested the society that all the required permission from concern BMC Authority shall be taken by the doctor at his cost alone,but till date i have not got the noc from the society ,i was told orally that i will not be issued the said noc ,as its for a maternity question is can the managing committee can say no to the said noc and why.please suggest me and guide me to obtain the same.
    best regards.

  4. Re: File Notings - If Pio Refuses To Give File Notings.

    thanks you very much


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    Re: Instructions for First Appellate Authority

    Sri C. J. Karira has attached a file containing guidelines issued by DoPT Govt of India dated 25-04-2008 circulated among others to all SIC and CIC. This is very useful and in the event no changes have been made in these guidelines in the intervening period, it appears all First Appellate Authorities under the RTI Act are duty bound to act in conformity with these guidelines. Many thanks.

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    Re: Instructions for First Appellate Authority

    Dear Friends, i want to share my experience with CPIO of Central Excise Department. I have sought information about use of Govt vehicle in Bhilai Division of Chhattisgarh. The CPIO has denied the information on the ground that information can not be provided to Secretary of an Association. I have supplied copy of RTI guidelines downloaded from CIC, New Delhi's site that Information & document are required to be supplied to such office bearer of such organisations in case full name & address of the bearer are given in RTI Application. In my case, it has been provided. Let us hope for the best.


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