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  1. The Institute of Engineers

    Dear All,
    I wrote some letters to IEI Kollkata, They refuge to answer stating that they are not covered under RTI rule.
    Some one have any advise.Pls reply
    C S Goswami

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    the institute of engineers is a private body, comprising of members of a particular service united under a single banner, somewhat similar to the medical associations. the main objective being to promote their welfare. if this is the case, then the reply given by the PIO is correct.

  3. Re: The Institute of Engineers

    Dear Mr. Moorthy thanks for posting your comments.You are right,BUT?
    Please read the following justification:

    • There is large number of huge building of IEI at all the local centres. Large buildings cause huge initial investment and later similar maintenance heads. Use of having such buildings is at all not justified?
    • Just have a look at the poor percentage of overall passing out students in the IEI exams per year in both the sections A and B?
    • What is the over all out put of IEI to the local societies, if it is a research based organization?
    • What IEI is doing to enhance the poor results (negligible as compared to the appearing students) though most of the students are self motivated and no help is being provided from the IEI?
    • Why there is no system of re-examining of the answers sheets? While Honorable supreme court of India has issued certain orders in this regard, and most of the bodies are obedient to the decision.
    • Why answer sheets are not being shown to the students
    • IIT’s are not accepting IEI degree, then what IEI has done so far in this direction (Recall the case of 1994, when a top student of IEI and GATE was refused to admit by IIT Kanpur). At the same time most of the IIT faculty members are FIE/members of IEI and used to deliver their useless lectures to the poor ST/T members for the sake of their carrier progression.
    • Why syllabus of subject is not well defined and irrelevant questions are being asked in the exams every time, more over no body is there to listen the problem of the poor ST/T students.
    • Why IEI is not providing study material to the ST/T students, so that they at least can have some view of the course.
    • It is very easy for the fresh diploma holders to join some private engineering college for the further education there they may surely get the degree after a certain time. This is the reason that most of the fresher’s are running far from IEI and percentage of registration has reducing. If measures are not initiated within time frame, then IEI won’t get enough number of students and will die slowly.
    • Above all IEI increasing the fees at a certain interval and in large amount without taking the T/ST members in confidence
    • Why there is no ST/T student’s member in IEI committees at any level so that they may represent their genuine grievance in front of any platform.
    • The prescribed text books for the students must be written by non IITs/IISc faculty members , as their books seems to be fit for the regular students and need similar kind of both end teaching and learning. So the prescribed text books must be written by the REC/NIT/State engineering college faculty members
    • The question papers must be set by some local engineering college/REC/NIT faculty members rather then the IITs/IISc faculty members. The faculty of these white elephants IITs/IISc is far-far away the reality of the diploma holders or low educated/less-privileged students of the poor Indian society.
    • The answers sheets of the students must be sent to the private engineering college/state faculty members because they are competent enough and connected to the ground level reality so they will evaluate the answer sheets with due attention.(I have seen a faculty of BITS Pilani, who was evaluating the answer sheet of IEI with the help of his kids and allotting the marks based on the hand writing at random even without reading the answer !!!!!).
    • Just imagine the situation of the students who answered the questions with true examination Spirit. Is it not killing the spirit and confidence of the youths?
    • Similarly there is large number of problems associated with the IEI but higher management may be un-aware from them.

  4. Re: The Institute of Engineers

    As this portal is confined exclusively to discussions on RTI Act & related matters, kindly post issues on other social causes of importance at Big Helpers.
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