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Thread: Does Public sectors come under RTI

  1. Does Public sectors come under RTI

    I was wondering weather public sector come under RTI?

  2. yes public sector comes under RTI. here is the decision given by CIC in this regard will make it clear.

    After hearing them, the Commission informed the HAL
    representatives that they should realise that there had been a paradigm
    shift in the tenor of administration leading to transparency and
    accountability as a consequence of the Right to Information Act coming into
    being. It was further stated that the opinion of their advocates was
    incompetent and illogical because if accepted, it would lead to the absurd conclusion that all public bodies under the Central and State Governments
    would have to be declared by separate notifications that they were covered
    by the RTI Act leading to many dimensional confusion. Further the term
    ‘notification’ used in clause (h)(d) of Section 2, implied that concerned
    body/organisation had been set up under orders of the Government and that
    it did not mean notifying separately the applicability of the Act to each
    Government body

    Kindly find the above order here:

  3. thank you for the prompt reply. The decision is real eye opener.

  4. Any organisation supported out of consolidated fund of Governemnt of India or having a stake of Governemnt of India comes under the purview of RTI.


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