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Thread: privilige to inspect documents

  1. Re: privilige to inspect documents

    Dear Colnrkurup Sir,
    I do not disagree with you what your goodself had said earlier. But it is also equally true that if some revolution is to be brought in the functioning of Government office,it can be brought from within by the sincere and dedicated staff. Naturally they have to pay the price for that.I tell you,Sir, it is the government servant himself who is fully conversant with functioning of government and he knows best where is leakage of public fund. We have to identify the issues objectively without taking into consideration or account the official involved in fishy deals.
    I feel you must be fed with what I am stating. But I am stating here once again to highlight the fact that there are number of smaller department having meagre budget of 300-400 crores-a drop in the sea-having no dealing with the public. It is here that number of scandal occur but do not see the light of the day. Therefore the need of the hour is that in such department, government employees who bring out the malfunctioning must be adequately protected becuse member of geneal public are unaware of the existence of such survey/research oriented institute leave alone the happining of scandles
    Thank you for taking your precious time

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    C J Karira
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    Re: privilige to inspect documents


    1. The PIO cannot force anybody to inspect documents.
    However, if he is not clear about what copies he has been asked for OR if the information
    required is very large, then he might request you to inspect the files and then ask for those photocopies which are relevant to you.

    2. You can definitely use RTI (even if you are a Govt. Employee) to bring out corruption in your department. Information gathered through RTI can be used in other fora to battle the problem of corruption. There is no restriction on that.

    3. In case you strongly feel you are being victimised in your department because you have filed RTI applications (and have the arguments to back up your case), then you can complain to CIC for such victimisation. CIC takes a strong view of such cases and holds and enquiry. Please see:

  3. Re: privilige to inspect documents

    Dear Prakashfsi,

    Your are centpercent correct and colnrkurup ji is also centpercent correct. You have caught the rogue bull by its horns. You have shown a lot of courage in doing so. But, no war can be fought single handedly. Kindly go through the strategies to avert victimisation in the following link:-

    In the present situation, Karira ji's advice is the best.

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    Dear Shri karira,

    The unfortunate and tragic part is that learned commissioner (Shri A.N.Tiwari) hs given such directions on my appeal to CIC.,New Delhi.Some how I feel Commisioners belonging to IAS cadre have imperious philosophy In another case he has held that information seeker can not enquire if particular decision/order by the Public authority was in the larger public interest or not as such query does not qualify to be 'information' under section 2(f) of RTI,2005 as such type of query is in the nature of seeking explanation.

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    Col NR Kurup (Retd)
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    Re: privilige to inspect documents

    Dear Prakashfsi,
    When the going become tough, the tough get going. Now that my worst fear has already materialised, it is yourturn. If I would have landed in your present position, I will defenitely inspect the documents on 10-3-08 and very critical in collecting the evidences. It may become handy if not to-day, tomorow.

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    Re: privilige to inspect documents

    Can the PIO ask for any additional fees to provide for copies of information sought on the grounds that it is so voluminous that copying it will require considerable expenditure. It is pertinent to mention here that the PIO has failed to give even a single reply in any form to the application dated 26 Dec 07 till date.

    I think that that the Sec 7(6) says that in case where the information is not provided within the specified time limit of 30 days it has to be provided free of cost to the applicant.

  7. Re: privilige to inspect documents

    Dear bahl ajay,

    I think you are cent percent right. But in case you have not received any communication from PIO, you are at liberty to file complaint with CIC/SIC under section 18(1)(c) of RTI,2005 for refusal to provide the information within time limit

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