This is Bala Chandra Y. I have applied for Passport in Visakhapatnam dated25-05-2006 ref. file. no ******, but due to missguidence the file has been transfered to Hyderabad and issued file no ****** on 22-06-2006, I have received letter from Visakhapatnam office regarding this transfer.But I was in Visakhapatnam only. There is no chance to process my file in Hyderabad.
Now I have been shifted from Visakhapatnam to Delhi, so I have forward a request letter mentioned the transfer from Hyderabad to Delhi, in Hyderabad office. It was transfered to Delhi and issued file no ***** on 23-11-2007.
In Delhi office I have already submitted all concern documents along address proff for police verification. Police virification also over in Jan, 2008, but even not yet I have received my passport they in passport office(PRO) telling, it will take some more days for issue passport because it is transfered file.
In this position what I have to do. Is there any way to get my pass port early, can any body help me please

Thanks in advance....