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Thread: Greetings from Scotland

  1. Greetings from Scotland

    Hi all,
    Best wishes from a very stormy, wet and cloudy Scotland!
    David Goldberg
    Co-convener, Campaign for Fredom of Information in Scotland

  2. Welcome David to RTI India. I heartly welcome you here and I hope we will share lot of things regarding Freedom of Information.

  3. public bodies

    Thanx for the nice greeting, Kushal
    My current focus is on gathering examples of best practice/laws which include, as holders of information, bodies which are either established by a constitution/statute and/or perform a socially vital function eg telecoms, water provision etc...
    Best wishes

  4. Welcome to RTI India David,
    We will get to share your experience about Freedom of Information in Scotland.
    I believe the ultimate aim is to reach out to the last man in the street and make a difference in his living.
    Once again a hearlty welcome.

  5. A warm welcome to you David. I hope your association with RTI India becomes mutually beneficial to all of us.

  6. Welcome David we can gain lot with each ohter's experince.


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