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Thread: Income tax refund Bangalore

  1. Income tax refund Bangalore

    I filed my tax return in bangalore A.Y. 2005-06 and 2006-07.
    I am in delhi now and still have not recieved the refunds.
    I have got the address by looking at some sites is it correct ?
    Income Tax Officer

    Now how should I make an application under RTI and there is a draft to be made of Rs 10/- in what name the draft should be made ?
    Is there any form to be filled and sent to bangalore address.

    Thanks in anticipation

  2. Re: Income tax refund Bangalore

    Nitin907 ji,

    welcome, just go to the following thread:


  3. Re: Income tax refund Bangalore

    But there is no address for Bangalore.
    I just want to know by which name the draft should be made and the address i mentioned is correct?

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    C J Karira
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    Re: Income tax refund Bangalore


    Please go through some of the threads with the tag "income tax refund":

    income tax refund Threads - Forum Tags by RTI India

    There are many posts about locating your PIO, how to make a RTI application, how much to pay, etc... (just be careful, some pages on the IT website open with IE only).

  5. Re: Income tax refund Bangalore

    I need to know in which name I should make the demand draft of Rs 10/- and how to write the application for RTI?
    yesterday I made call to Income tax office at queens road bangalore and they told me to send a letter to following address with return xerox copies.
    Income tax officer (G.C.)
    C R Building
    Queens Road
    I will wait for 4-5 weeks and if I dont get the refund then I want to follow RTI procedure.

  6. Re: Income tax refund Bangalore

    nitin ji,

    You get Rs.10/- Indian Postal order and keep it blank on payees name, keep a xerox copy of it. In your RTI application make a note that "IPO enclosed and payee name kept blank as it is not known to who's name it should be marked".

    Date of Receipt
    Application ID
    File Number
    For Office Use only
    Central Public Information Officer,
    PIN: _______________________
    Subject: Request for Information under Right to Information Act 2005.
    I Shri/Smt/Ms. __________________________________________________________
    Son/Daughter/wife of Shri/Smt/Ms. __________________________________________
    resident of ______________________________________________________________,
    telephone number (with STD Code) ____- _____________________ and/or mobile
    number: ______________________________ wish to seek information as under:
    I hereby inform that following formalities have been completed by me:
    1. That I have deposited the requisite fees of Rs. _____/- by way of Cash / banker
    cheque / Draft / Postal Order/ others ___________________ ) favoring
    __________________________________ dated ________________.
    2. I need the photocopy of the documents and I had deposited the cost of the
    photocopy of Rs. ____/- for _____ (Number of Pages)
    3. I had deposited sum of Rs. _____/- for the charges of CD. (strike out which ever
    is not applicable)
    4. That I belong to Category of Below Poverty Line (BPL): Yes / No
    (Strike whichever is not applicable). If yes, I am attaching the valid photocopy of
    the certificate. Yes / No
    5. That I am ‘Citizen’ of India and I am asking the information as ‘Citizen’.
    6. I assure that I shall not allow/ cause to use/ pass/share/display/ or circulate the
    information received in any case and under any circumstances, with any person or
    in any manner which would be detrimental to the Unity and Sovereignty or
    against the Interest of India.
    Signature of the Applicant

    for further information visit the following thread:

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    Re: Income tax refund Bangalore

    Hi Nitin

    I am having the same problem as you
    I had filed my income tax returns in 2004-2005, 2005-2006 in bangalore where I was supposed to get some refund. I had also provided my Bank account number so that the refund is directly credited to my account.But till date I have not got my refund.
    I was working in Mumbai till 2002 and had my PAN card issued from Mumbai. so My PAN CARD address is that of Mumbai but currently i am working in bangalore permanently.

    So curious to know whether you go your refund or not?


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    C J Karira
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    Re: Income tax refund Bangalore


    Your Income Tax Officer of your WARD/Circle or Assessing Officer is the PIO.

    This is the same ward/circle where you filed your IT returns in Bangalore for 04-05 and 05-06.

    You can file your RTI Application to check your refund status with that particular ITO.
    Application fee for Rs 10/- can be paid by Indian Postal Order (IPO) available at any Post Office. Just leave the "pay to" line blank, cross the IPO and sedn it with your application to the PIO with the comment:

    "Enclosed is a IPO for Rs 10.00 , IPO Nr......dtd.........issued by PO:.................. towards application fee for this RTI Application. Kindly fill in the "Pay to" field at your end since I cannot find any information on your website as to in who's name should this be".

    Please also read these threads:
    Twitter: @cjkarira

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