The representative of the union applied for the information in my office asking me as to why the incentive bill of the office was not passed under the signature of the Divisional Secretary.

As has been decided previously by CIC and under the Act, only citizen has the right to information. Hence I rejected the application under this ground.

The Divisional Secretary applied for First Appeal with Appellate Authority

Meanwhile he filed yet another application asking me to give the copy of the decision under which I refused to give information to Union Secretary. This time again he wrote as Divisional Secretary in the Official union letter pad but this time he wrote his name too.

There are three things:
  1. Under 1st application, the information was asked for was opinion as to why I did not pass the incentive bill which is out of purview of Right to Information Act.
  2. once he had preferred appeal over the matter, another application do not stand and is a waste of public resource.
  3. As has asked for information again as Union representative, another application also do not stand as valid.
I had replied to the applicant:
  • Asking for information as Union Secretary is not valid under the Act.
  • Already the appeal to the same matter is pending the Appellate authority.
  • Lastly as the information been asked is not held at this office, however as informed citizenry, it is informed that the information can be downloaded from the CIC website, and that the Section 3 of the Act states that Subject to the provisions of this Act, all citizens shall have the right to information.