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Thread: Passport woes

  1. Passport woes

    Despite easier rules to obtain a passport, my case has been(and is) a nightmarish one.

    Two previous applications to the Bareilly Passport Office(one in 2000, the other in 2003), yielded no passports, because I was studying in Delhi, and address verification at my Dehra Dun home couldn't get done(although I did reach home both times to do the needful - read going to the SHO in Doon valley, meeting travel agents of various kinds, etc.)

    Now I need a tatkal passport as I need to travel from office to Canada.
    Several trips to the Delhi RPO yield nothing but tears(on my end, that is).
    The problem, you might ask - the Delhi RPO wants a letter / fax from the Bareilly office, saying they have closed the applications.

    Sounds easy, doesn't it?

    But it is anything but that, believe me.

    The Bareilly people say they have destroyed all documents. And won't give me this in writing.

    To my question as to whether I can apply afresh, without mentioning my previous applications, they have this to say,"do saal ka imprisonment hain, madam. Dekh lijiye."

    Do any of you have any idea what can be done in this case?

    Should I consult a legal expert? any suggestions who?

    The RTI link on the passport site is under construction.

    Pretty convenient, isn't it?

    I need some answers here.

    Do help.



  2. Hello Vandana,
    I am not sure if RTI can help you in tatkal Passport as it will take atleast 30 days to process.
    Firstly I would confine to using Right to Information in your case.
    1. To Delhi PRO Public Information Officer (PIO)
      1. Copy of the correspondence they have sent to Bareilly PRO regarding your case
      2. Copy of the Statutory Rule Condition where if the old application is not traceable, how the case is to be settled.
      3. What is the norm of settling the case.
    2. Taking a clue to the letter sent by Delhi PRO, you might submit an application under RTI asking the Bareilly Passport Office PIO about
      1. Whether you papers are available? If available, the copy thereof.
      2. What is the preservation period of the record and when was your document destroyed.
      3. What is the hierarchy of the Delhi PRO and who is heading those post.
      4. In case of greviance with the Delhi PRO, what is the Greviance Handling mechanism at PRO, and where does the complaint against the Delhi PRO lies?
    I am not sure if you would get a speedy redressal of your case, but off course you can get to the depth of your case and clear those bottlenecks.


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